What if Mister Torgue

Conquered IMPLOSIONS! If he already has, good for him. I know MT is all about explosions, but wouldn’t imploding enemies be a cool thing? I’m not one to figure out how that would even work, but it would be cool to see. Also, it would have to be restricted with damage since an implosion is probably an automatic death, the restriction being yes, you (ex: a bandit) just got shot with a gun that creates implosions buut, it doesn’t kill you, the force of it does damage you though. Any (definitely needed) improvements?


I don’t know how the damage mechanics / animation would work / look, but here’s how Torque’s (Q, always!!!) newfound love fo r IMPLOSIONS could come about:

Torque starts spending more and more time with Janey Springs.

She is into Zen, Yoga, peace, love.

Torque starts to attend Space Yoga classes taught by Janey in an effort to impress her and move himself out of the friendzone.

Along the way, he learns to look inwards.

He still loves EXPLOSIONS, but has learned to look inward and harness his inner Zen to create the next evolutionary step in his damage type - IMPLOOOOSIONS OF PEACE AND LOVE!!!


To Tokesy, yeah it’s like an internal explosion, great but weird example of an implosion is the “Pull My Finger” Cyanide and Happiness animated video on YouTube. And I thought it more like, what if somebody (let’s go with Janey since she just popped up) was trying to convince him that implosions were cool but he didn’t seem convinced so they were like “But it’s basically an INSIDE explosion!” And that got him convinced, Idk.

And how does an imploding Torgue sniper (Of peace and love) sound? First of its kind, pretty freaking scary to get shot with?

It seems you guys don’t really know what an implosion is. Explosions expand out and implosions collapse in, if my understanding is correct. The formation of black holes are one such implosion. That being said, wonderful idea and I liiiike it! I just have one question for you… IMPLOSIONS!!!


Maybe he generates a massive singularity and pulls in everything in around him and then generates massive explosive damage to obliterate everything that gets sucked in?

Also…,Ultimate Tantric…er…Implosion.

Legendary Sniper
Greatly reduced base damage. Upon three successful critical hits, the target will implode if frozen.

Might need some tweaking as that would be too OP against badasses.


Interesting idea. I’m imagining a Torgue assault rifle that fires “implosive” rounds that create miniature singularities on impact. Different method of crowd control, perhaps?

“New mission: I want you to suck in… THE OCEAN!!!”


Implosion sounds like a collaboration between Torgue and Maliwan.

Or Maliwans version of Explosive damage because Implosions are more elegant…

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Puts on shades
Challenge accepted.

I’m off to suplex sharks and treat women with respect.

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Yaaay I wasn’t sure people would take this seriously but you guys are!


It’s a good thread!

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Nope, more like being sucked into a black hole but it’s within the imploded whatever.
Still very fatal and bloody but very different from a technical point of view.

Regardless, IMPLOSIONS would be an awesome new element(?).