What if Recoil-reducing affected weapon bloom instead?

Honestly right now recoil reduction is like the most pointless gear stat as it stands. Because there is like one character with recoil severe and frequent enough to the point where you might possibly maybe consider taking it (but you won’t because everything else is so much better) and that’s Marquis (ISIC also has pretty nasty recoil but it’s easy to compensate after each shot due to how large the projectile hitbox is).

Reducing weapon bloom (either by decreasing the cap or reducing the rate at which it increases) would be universally useful for ranged characters, even more so for players who move/jump a bunch.

Weapon bloom (also known as “reticule bloom”, “crosshair bloom”, or simply “bloom”) is the term given to when your weapon’s cone of fire increases due to repeated shots or movement (i.e., the crosshairs widen when you fire repeatedly, or jump).
If the bloom on a weapon is low, that means its accuracy is more consistent.
High bloom means a weapon quickly loses accuracy as you fire.
For a very easy example of this, try jumping while shooting as Marquis and compare it to shooting while not jumping.

I really like recoil gear on Whiskey Foxtrot. Helps me get some extra crits and stay on smaller targets more efficiently.

I’d just like to know what the difference between helix augments that boost accuracy (like the Acog sight) and recoil is.

Btw, what is weapon bloom? :sweat_smile:

I also use Whiskey and have tried recoil gear many times (i even have a min-maxed setup that grants me ~45% recoil reduction after a reload), but I find the gun’s recoil just isn’t severe enough to warrant taking it over a health regen or max health increasing setup.

Updated OP!

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Accuracy is in sense what this guy is referring to with weapon bloom. Like on Montana using his chilling ability his minigun has much tighter spray and thus better chance of hitting a target consecutively.