What if the patch didn't "break" Moze?

What if she’s just really undertuned?

User 13igTyme did a very solid breakdown of the returns of healing from Vampyr with and without a deathless artifact.
[Vampyr, Healing Grenades, and Shields - An In-depth Analysis]
And it turns out that when Moze has a 40k shield, the returns you get on a bloodletter with Vampyr aren’t actually that impressive.
The problem was, with beam grenades proc’ing on every tick of damage, it seemed really impressive.

Then I started looking at the numbers for Means of Destruction.
A 6% chance to return a grenade.
That means 1 out of 16 instances of splash damage should return a grenade.
2~3 flakker shots against a single target might return 1 grenade.
If you’re using Short Fuse, 1 in 5 shots should proc an explosion.
Combine those and you should get back a grenade only once every 80 bullets from your Shreddifier.

I think Moze has been underperforming since launch, but beam grenades have been covering the deficiency like a big tarp over a muddy hole in the ground.

I’ll try and run some tests later to see if the numbers match up.

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk


In my mind, the concepts aren’t broken, but the numbers could definitely use some tweaking.

That said, I also don’t think we necessarily need to go back to a situation where you throw one grenade and immediately go back to full health/shields.

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Numbers definitely need some work, but the devs have to decide on what play style they want to see.

If grenades are going to be Moze’s only way to heal, then we need to be able to recover them reliably.

If they want grenades to be more scarce, then they need to be more impactful when we do throw them.


Some for the Road, baby. Iron Bear is the answer. Iron Bear and heavy weapons, bahahahaha