What If The Vault Hunters Had No Skill Points? Who Would Be Most Powerful?


I dunno.

Weird half asleep thought I had while browsing the forums just before bed last night.

What if the Vault Hunters (not just in 3, let’s go across all the games, or, if you only know the VH’s from 3, just focus on them, I guess), had no Skill Points?

Just their basic, bare-bones, Action Skill, unupgraded in any way?

Who would be the most powerful?

I have a few ideas, but I’m really curious what you all think.

Please discuss!

Thanks in advance!

Krieg or Sal

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Sals ammo Regen and it lasts a good minute. Firing 2 guns is just nasty.

Without upgrades many are at a disadvantage.

One on one Maya & Amara using phase grasp are probably the 2 best though. I mean your held in place for x seconds providing easy free crits.

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Krieg action basic action skill healls you on enemy kill, taking damage reduce the cooldown and you deal 200% more melee damage. I would say that its pretty badass on its own, with release the beast it was god mode.

Salvador gets to use any 2 guns and regen ammo, get 50% life and reduced damage. Combine that with a rocket launcher and a slag smg and it was also god mode.


That all makes sense.

What about Lilith’s Phasewalk?

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Good get-out-of trouble move without the skill point bonuses, but I don’t remember the base version inflicting any damage? I’d have to check if it even had much health regen.


Maya, since she has no skills in raiding.

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I think Nisha would be the most powerful if we’re only allowing action skills

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In my opinion, Zero, invisible stealthy boi who can teleport around. Whats Two guns good for if you cant see the enemy.



Missing twice!


Also, always nice to see a fellow Canuck around the boards, eh?


Either Krieg, Maya, or Salvador.
Kriegs BxR turns him into a rampaging lunatic, Maya can trap almost any enemy, and sal obviously has two guns.
Lilith and Zer0’s skills are kinda just a getaway button without any upgrades to make them do significant damage, the pet classes have weak action skills even with maxed skill points.
Dark horse: Claptrap. His unpredictable Action Skill gives him much more versatility than any of the others in this scenario.

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Wub. Wub.