What if the world was like Pandora?

What would you do if the world was like Pandora? Total anarchy, your choice what you do, so what would you do? Side with a bloody gang of psychos, screw people over with Hyperion, or make it with a small circle of people you trust?

Do u still play add me blueyez_13

What are you on 'bout mate?

Wrong place buddy.

I’ll be probably vault hunting.

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And I’d go find Mordecai. We could preen his bird together.

Look for a way off to another world. Seriously - the whole planet just seems to want to kill you!

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There are certain parts of this world that would make Pandora seem normal- or like paradise. All depends on who you are and where you live…

I’d adopt a skag puppy and staple its mouth shut.

Whats wrong with you

The planetary version of Australia!

Well that certainly explains Elpis… :wink:

What? You don’t want a skag puppy with its mouth stappled shut? Apparently you’ve never read this comic.

What comic?
“The url http://i.imgur.com/hFT8nwg.jpg could not be found in this collection.”

This is just sick.

It’s showing up for me. :blconfused:


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Would definitely buy stocks in guns.

Ok, I see it now. There’s a borked large image, but then the comic is underneath that.

Well… Offline, my circle of friends all have formal firearms training, ranging from military to private schools. Most of us are also parents and have corporate jobs. Significant others are medical and administrative professionals.

I guess we’d probably be corporate types running and defending a remote medical facility.

Sooooo, we’d all get killed by vault hunters.

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I would hang out in Sanctury, and try my luck with Moxxi… :heart_eyes:


This is ridiculous! I mean come on.

Imagine a world where corporations are so common place and powerful that they become their own government entities. Controlling populations by way of presenting convenience and ultimately retro-gearing societal evolution in order to create presets which best suit a consumer culture that they’re prepared for, and not one that may change over time.

All the while, they have such control over information dissemination that they label any entity that they disagree with as “bandits” or other stigmas in order to make sure that these fringe elements with good causes are intimidated in to surrender, pushed out by resource, or wholly made to bow out due to a fabricated assertions of their intentions.