What if there was no animal fail videos?!

What if all those funny cat and dog videos didn’t exist? I think YouTube would be watched around twice less than it is at the moment.

I wouldn’t say YouTube viewing would be cut in half, the animal videos make up a tiny percentage of YouTube’s most viewed. The top channels are gaming and music, and the majority of people will watch the norm. Therefore, those channels.

Well, I don’t know about that. Animal videos always have a few million views of a vid.

What would be the point in living?

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That is the sort of reply I was looking for :smile:

Yes, they get views, but the amount of animal videos with over 1 million views are of a minor percentage.

As I said, the music and gaming videos gather the most views. The majority of people watching YouTube at any given time, are there watching a music video. An example would be the song “What Do You Mean?” the official video has been up for little over a month, and already has over 120 million views.

Compare that to an animal video and the results are laughable. The amount of animal video’s being uploaded is high, the amount reaching over 1 million is low, especially within a few weeks of upload. I would estimate that music video views take up around 40% of YouTube views, and that number is forever growing.

This is without taking in gaming videos, an example would be PewDiePie who gains an average of 10 million views each day, that’s 416 thousand views an hour. That statistic should not be taken as gaming channels being the most popular, not by a long shot. The gaming channels have just started growing within the last 5 years, they’re growing, and growing fast. Once again an estimate would lead to them being around 30% of YouTube, this number will overtake music within then next 3 to 5 years.

Obviously these are estimates mixed with facts, but I crunch numbers on YouTube quite a lot, and have looked into the most viewed type of videos. The results have been obvious for years now, but that is not to be said that animal videos don’t have their place on YouTube’s most viewed, they’re there, we just need another baby panda sneezing video.

But hey, that’s just a theory…a YouTube theory…dammit Mark, stop watching Game Theory.

I disagree. We need another cat hiccuping and farting video.

If there were no “Animal Fail videos” on YouTube, you would simply have to count on people to do stupid things. Since there is a 100% chance of some human doing something incredibly stupid and posting it on YouTube and since stupid people do that sort of thing on a daily basis, YouTube’s stock value and viewership is safe for the foreseeable future. And when Darwin’s “Survival of the Fittest” weeds out one of those incredibly stupid people, there is inevitably another one waiting in the wings to take his or her place.

EXAMPLE: I saw a YouTube video of a girl, on a train, who decided it would be a good idea to stick her head out an open window while the train was moving at a rather high speed. She nearly got her head taken off, literally, when another train passed by going in the opposite direction.

Also, any person (who does not suffer from some form of mental illness and is not an unattended child) who intentionally climbs over a fence into an enclosure at a Zoo with an animal such as a Lion, deserves to be eaten by the Lion. I would further argue that the Lion should be applauded and rewarded, not punished, for eating said person.

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The human race wouldnt be as pathetic.