What if we had Vendors specific for all Manufacturers as a normal thing?

So in Borderlands 2 beta, there are voicelines for vendors such as a Psycho for the bandit vendor, Handsome Jack for the Hyperion vendor, Comissar Vladof for the Vladof vendor etc. Imagine having them like Torgue Vendors, having there special legendaries as items of the days for all the manufacturers with awesome special lines. Ideas on currency for them and location/frequency of them?

im all with ya it would have been a great dlc to do that all the brands had there own vendors.

I used to just sit in Sanctuary and listen to the Vendor chatter in the fast travel room.

So good.

I fully endorse your idea!

Jakobs and Torgue had theirs. Just need everyone else to get with the program.

It’d make getting awesome hyperions shotguns easier, +1

Finding high accuracy high rate of fire elemental Hyperion shotties in BL1 was almost as good and rare as finding a quality Orange weapon.

That’s not possible. All Hyperion shotguns are Assault (automatic) Shotguns. All Assault shotguns (Maliawn, Hyperion, S&S, Vladof) were unable to spawn with the fire accessory in BL1.

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The Scav and Bandit vendors would not even have the little plastic protective sheets removed from the buttons yet.

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That would turn vending machine nooks into little strip malls, and I would go insane if I had to keep track of so many different currency types, but I’m down. I love the idea of each of them having a legendary available as the item of the day, but it would be exorbitantly priced so the cost of buying one would equate to about the average amount of time sank into “farming” for it (like 300-400 Eridium/Moonstones or something).

Also, I take it Zed would be the Anshin/Pangolin rep, and Marcus would be relegated to ammo sales only? Maybe Marcus gets to sell a legendary grenade from random manufacturers as his item of the day.

Ok, what manufacturer DID make those rare and deadly elemental shotties i referenced?


The accuracy and fire rate always made me think Hyperion…

I’m not sure what you’re refering to then. I’m just informing you that those types of shotguns cannot spawn with fire. And I said already that Maliwan shotguns cannot spawn with fire.

Combat shotguns (pump-action) are what can spawn with fire (Atlas, Dahl, Torgue).

No man there wete shotgubs with Death in the name that would have all the attrubutes i mentioned.

I used them.

A lot.

They are super deadly.

Im really not making this up.

You know how obsessively i farmed.

And not just fire, all elements.

That would be Hyperion. But Hyperion shotties cannot spawn with fire. You can get the other elements, though.


Yeah, ok, that’s got yo be it then, thanks.

I had hoped for this but knew it wouldnt happen. Torgue’s Vendor was hilarious
“Now go punch a Bad Guy in the D*ck!”
“Explosion Noise”

This is more like a wish for BL3, but what if there were manufacturer-specific locations around the galaxy, or at least encampments around the planet? (But fingers crossed for interplanetary storyline) Then each area could have torgue-like vending machines.