What I'm looking for, and my trading list - everything I have is annointed!

Currently Looking for (All Annointed):
— Lucian’s Call (Ice) with SNTL or Barrier perks.
— Crossroad (Ice) with SNTL or Barrier perks.
— Brainstormer with SNTL or Barrier perks.
— Lyuda (Incendiary) with SNTL or Barrier perks.
— Laser-Sploder (Cryo) with SNTL or Barrier perks.
— Double Penetrating Devastator (Radiation) with weapon damage.
— Crossroad (Corrosive) with Phasegrasp, or weapon damage.
— Rough Rider Shield with Zane perks (and preferably a prefix)
— Front Loader Shield with Iron Bear related perk, or action skill cooldown.
— The Transformer Shield with Phasegrasp related perk.
— Elemental Projector Artifact - Good Roll (For SMG-wielding Amara)
— Infiltrator Class Mod - Good Roll (For SMG/AR-wielding Ice Zane)
— Bounty Hunter Class Mod - Good Roll (Crit especially)
— Good artifact for Fade Away FL4K…any suggestions?

Here’s what I have for trading: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1sDOegUBA_0SxJpJtS7N4MgYlQQk2Nwzu-FkPuSlNRe8/edit?usp=sharing

Feel free to respond here, message me on Discord: Synetos#6298, or add me with a message of what you’re looking to trade. Thanks!

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Heya, I have a couple of the stuff you listed.

Transformer with Phasegrasp anointment
I also have a few Bounty Hunter mods, 1 which has +18% Weapon Critical Damage.

I’m interested in your Cryo Recurring Hex and Queen’s Call.
Let me know if we can work something out.

for fl4k relic/artefact wise best one is elemental projector victory rush if you melee or static charge (if your gun dps build) related with decent perks (hard part is finding elemental projector with decent perks as best one I got is one with just 40% extra ammo other 2 perks are meh kinda)

I have an Ogre with Crit Damage Annointment. Not sure what you mean by Damage annointed (looks like you have one in the spreadsheet). Im interested in the Gunner Ogre

I have:

Cutsman (inc) - Amara fires terror skulls
Cutsman (corr) - After Phasecast 50% status effect chance
Battery Front Loader - on ASE damage taken is reduced by 13%
Lucians call (cryo) - reload when swapping with clone

Not exactly what you have on your list, but intrested in any at all? Also got a lot of other weapons with good anointed rolls, both terror and non-terror.

Have lucians cryo sntnl cryo. Looking for executioner class mod with 3 or more in violent violence.

Or 2 I guess if weapon damage and another damage buff to AR SMG or Pistol/jakobs would be an improvement.

Also have transformer with nova on grasp. Will throw whatever at ya for mod.