What in the world is Mayhem 2.0?

I understand that some people really like mayhem 2.0, thats cool, but there are also some parts about it that completely break the game. Hopefully they will get patched but I think this article really speaks for itself because I feel the same way. I don’t really know how to play borderlands 3 anymore because I feel that they have structured it in such a way that I have to play this certain way to make progress in this game specifically in the new mayhem levels. Which is completely fine, like I don’t have to play the game, I understand that. But I suggest that if gearbox wants a larger playerbase, IF, then they should really consider looking at the entire game before moving forward with new content. Let it be said, that I really need accessibility in a game to really feel like I can play it. Thats just me, i need the immediate gratification, I need the somewhat mindless looting and shooting, I understand that if thats not what borderlands is anymore, than that is fine. I say anymore because thats what it was for me before. Now I just don’t know what to do with it anymore. Theres always going to be an audience that enjoys it, but right now I and some people are not a part of that audience.

Not everybody likes this though, people like to feel like they earned things and i understand that.

All im saying is that I hope gearbox is targeting the best audience that it can.

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