What influence from Battleborn do you want to see in Borderlands 3

It’s really easily to see some connections there are between the two games, especially pre-sequel and BB-- the shield thrower and Galilea are very similar. I just finished presequel… sad, I know I’m slow… and while it was AWESOME, I actually found myself wishing certain things from Battleborn were in it!

1)Full blown Melee characters. Melee was very much a viable build option for certain characters in bl2 and presequel, but it was never as eloquent as the animation of Battleborn. The diverse repertoire of Melee moves like Rath, or Deande, or Phoebe, or Galilea would be awesome additions… of course fully melee characters would likely also mean melee loot, which some may say is heresy, but many fans were excited to ask about when Zero was first announced for BL2.

  1. Art style. I far prefer Battleborn over the typical BL art style, but I’m not holding my breath… It’s probably too fundamental for long time fans to cope with losing.

  2. gunplay-- Battleborn feels much more BEEFY than Borderlands. Forbes’ gaming department put out an article about this actually, saying that Destiny needed to learn a lot about loot from Borderlands, but that Borderlands needed to take a note from Bungie on the overall “feel” of using weaponry. I happen to think Battleborn is a step in the right direction, and I hope the gunplay of BL3 feels more similar to Battleborn than previous BL entries.

4)Bows… I just think it would be so cool. I basically wish I could play as Thorn in a complete RPG experience. There’s really no reason there can’t be a gun type that looks like a bow, right??

5)BB mission design should inform BL3 map structure, mission assist elements, and HUD. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said to myself “where the CRAP am I supposed to gooooo?!” While playing borderlands. It feels like there are a million nooks and crannies to get stuck on… and it feels like the mission objective has many times been something that seems next to impossible to notice, or requires a jump that feels more like glitching yourself into the right position. I’ve never felt that way in Battleborn. The HUD feels so much cleaner and easier to follow and the maps feel much less confusing in their layout.

Side note:
Things I just want to see in BL3
*more customization in character appearances. I’m not saying make armor slots, but the ability to add “trinkets” to your costume would be cool. A bullymong skull as a shoulder pad, or a claptrap keychain hanging off your waist… just another level of cool customization that’s not just a color swap.

*please do NOT remove local co-op! It sets GBX games so much higher than the rest… what a horrible disappointment it would be to lose that.

*please, no in-game store for cosmetics… AAA RPGs should include the visual customizations…

*A flying co-op vehicle… oooo or the ability to ride a creature of some kind… like a skag or whatever.

This is heresy.

To think of Borderlands would hint at making a mistress out of Battleborn.

Though I’m in full agreement regarding melee. A dedication to melee builds/characters would be awesome. Zer0 didn’t quite hit the mark, but Athena was close!

I agree with 1-3 100%. 4 would be really hard to flesh out because borderlands was all about different loot and guns making different character’s abilities better and what not. A bow may just be a weapon type that is kind of useless when compared to an SMG, but it is worth a thought. 5, I completely disagree. BB’s mission are quick, story enhancing, clear objective missions. BL’s missions are a narrative in an RPG. Although some are similar, like escort this to there or defend this point, they are entirely different. Also, in BL, just follow the point on the mini map, it will always take you where you need to go.

Also, in both BL2 and BLTPS, there were micro transactions for cosmetics. I have no problems with the in-game store. My problem with GBX doing it in BB was the timing. The game was released, there were serious issues with some aspects, some of which are FINALLY getting addressed, but their solution was new skins and extra XP (wooo).

What I would like to see to see in BL3 is the same creativity in character design and skills. Because there are much fewer characters in BL than in BB, I feel like they are forced to have more architype characters than really unique ones.

This may be similar to your 1, but I would like to see melee gear. Like a sword or ax weapon type. Making all charactes have the ability to become melee.

Those are just some thoughts, I am sure I will have more later.


Quips. Please

At least two complex, completely different melee trees on two different toons would be great. Melee Zer0 never really felt fun until UVHM and beyond imo, although Krieg’s melee ability was fun. I didn’t get much chance to play around with Athena’s melee because my friends and I went for a Tanky Athena + Aggressive DPS Nisha + Panic Button Claptrap set up in all our playthroughs. I really should go through UVHM on the Pre Sequel with a different Athena set up at some point…

Something like Deande’s skill set up would be too close to Zer0’s I feel, and I think they’re going for diversity in the toons as much as they can. However, a dynamic resource based character that works like Galilea’s corruption would be great. I would love some sort of elemantalist type character who can augment their weapons based on damage they last received, like having an adaptive shield passive combined with Aurelia’s sniper capstone.

I’m kind of eh on the bow. To be fair, I’m biased since I’ve never been a huge bow fan. If I can pick a sword or a gun over a bow, I’ll always go with the first because I prefer weapons that have kick and weight to them. Maybe a special quest one. Oh, from Torgue! That fires grenade-tipped arrows!

Also, on the note of local co op and online only, I doubt they’ll remove local and offline play. It kind of makes sense for BB because it’s also a competitive game where editing in gear can give you a technical advantage. Not so much for Blands, where there’s very little competitiveness and no real advantage to keeping user saves on untouchable servers.

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A melee based character, and a new subset of melee weapons would be sweet.

Otherwise, nothing else. Gunplay, graphics, customization, virtually everything else was superior in Borderlands.

When I hear “a bow” (and melee) in a sf context I think of stealth- that would truly be AN ADDITION to Borderlands. Also more physical interactions (CC) would be appreciated: not just Elementing/Phaselocking/distracting bad dudes, but also the other stuff.
I wouldn’t complain about more diverse -battleborn like- modifications to skill trees.
From Battleborn B3 would also borrow a concept of loot raids - as boss hunting is plain and boring.

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Some more NON-HUMAN characters, preferably vault hunters. In a human-only universe, i never get to have any fun; but playing as a talking penguin in a robot suit? That’s WAY fun.

Devs? Talking animals in robot suits. Devs?

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Mutated skag

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Just give BL3 as much personality as BB. Then and maybe only then, will I actually enjoy playing a BL game.


I want to like this but I’m not sure how I feel about the first half of the comment-- r u saying u don’t want them to develop BL3 too soon bc it would mean pulling support from battleborn? If so I’m there with you, but they’ve already confirmed work on BL3.

The raid idea is AWESOME, like an end game basically right? I’d be way down with that.

Boom. Love this.

The grande arrows are a perfect example of an awesome way to incorporate a bow, or a 3 arrow split. There’s a million ways to make bows equally cool/lethal. It’s just a decreased rate of fire in comparison to others, so it would need to use other means to make it equally powerful.

Cool. What I meant about missions was that some of the vertical or hidden aspects of the mission objects became really annoying after a while… it would be nice to be a bit more clear cut on how to get to the objectives.

I would like to see quadrupedal and hexapodal characters. I know Battleborn intended to have quadrupedal/hexapodal heroes but they were scrapped do to a myriad of difficulties implementing them. It would be gnarly if those difficulties were overcome and we had fully functioning, fully animated quadrupeds and hexapods in BL3.

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