What is a Bloody Harvest Legendary?

I have gotten a couple legendary weapons wit the terror effect but no mark on the challenge complete list

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i think they mean a bloody harvest unique legendary, tho i have not seen one yet. i spend to much time farming ectoplasm for that.


The challenge wasn’t unlocking for me until I equipped the weapon in a slot, try that and see how it goes. Best of luck.

Yes, i found a legendary granade mod and the legendary shotgun (i don’t remember their names). I think they are pretty good in my opinion

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I found some legendary guns (regular ones, not bloody harvest exclusives) with ‘terror’-related anointment but they didn’t unlock the challenge for me (I also tried equipping them). I think you need one of the new legendaries like the Fearmonger…

Managed to get a ghost call grenade

It unlocked the challenge

i mean…you got a whole month man, take your time

I only have 2 challenges left, lol

I’ll farm legendaries later

I found and equipped the shield… It doesn’t count. At least it didn’t for me.

If they’re anything like me, the real prize are those customization items. Ghost Metal is a special level of smexy.

All I had to do to complete the three items challenge was to equip any three items that had the ‘Terror’ annointment on them. Didn’t matter what rarity/location they came from either.

Bloody harvest legendary I think means the actual new legendary items specific to the event. The other one about bloody harvest items seems to refer to anything with an anointment that has a terror based effect.