What is a Boost Code?

They added boost codes to the ‘redeem code’ page, and I was wondering if anyone knew anything about them?

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I was wondering the same thing, but judging from the lack of replies I guess nobody knows yet.

A bit late but wondering same thing here I would really love to know what this is

I think at this point we can only speculate. I think it’s going to be something to do with the LIVE game and likely streamers. I know they’re implementing that loot system with the chests for people watching the stream, this might go along with it somehow?

This boost code is one-time use, so It’s highly possible that it will be available at launch for everyone.

Limit one redemption per user per lifetime.

My guess is that the boost code is the code that unlocks the deluxe edition bonuses like those Exp and Loot booster mods. Once unlocked the bonuses just apply to the account permanently.


if its not to do with vip codes i will cry to sleep

These Boost codes are rewarded to pleople that dont have much vip points and they are getting an email with one to catch up on other vip point hunters