What is a frozen enemy weaker against?

Seems like explosive blows away frozen enemies but I was wondering if anything else did the trick as well.

Scoring criticals does it aswel.


Melee, I think?

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Melee, explosive, and critical hits (I believe crits also carry the usual elemental weaknesses, so if you use fire on a frozen flesh target, they should take 2X damage for a critical hit, multipliesby 1.75 fire damage, multiplied by 2 for the cryo bonus).

@Derch That is the way it works, right?


This is why I love Wilhelm’s Power Fist - explosive melee! Freeze enemies and punch their crit spots. :blush:


Me too!!!

I haven’t seen Derch around lately. Youtube or here…FYI

Me neither, i was looking forward to his Clappy guide too.

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