What is a Galilea?

Does anybody even know any more? She’s been watered down so many times, who knows? Maybe she was OP, or maybe people just needed to play to their strengths and her weaknesses.

Anyway, the point of this post - PLEASE pick a direction to take her and stick with it instead of shaving here and there until she fits some sort of balance mold but no true role. Perhaps she needed balancing, but now she lacks direction. Is she supposed to be a “territorial” thing? If so, adjust her abilities so that when she digs her heels in, charging her is like a bug hitting a windshield (but she would be relatively easy to kill outside of that zone). Give her abilities that actually matter. Health regen that matters, etc.

Or is she supposed to be a melee character? A Rath with a shield…? If so, leave her melee damage high but nerf her abilities into almost complete uselessness.

Again, I want balance just as much as the next guy, but right now Galilea is just fitting a ‘grey’ mold that was shaped by people who did not like getting killed by her instead of a mold with creative, insightful and interesting design. I don’t care if she’s GOOD or not, but please make her interesting!


Reduce her primary damage for 18% she’s a melee fighter has to risk her neck to do a damage but with this hot fix who’s gonna dare charge in. She isn’t that tough, hell she only got 300 shield and she have to build up the corruption before starting to steal life and that’s only a tiny amount. Most importantly she have to hold her ground with ground curse skill right now many people are not getting used to it and rush in without looking and die trying. So they complain that she too OP. I think what Dev is trying to do now is please the majority of the people who complain without the fact that they complain because they didn’t know how to handle it or it’s really OP.

What is a Galilea? A miserable pile of secrets!

As a Master Galalea Ill tell you this nerf didn’t truly affect her. I wouldnt worry to much other than the people being stomped by her will still cry and try to conjure up more nerfs that could be devastating.

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Well, more nerfs have already been foretold. Already conjured, buddy. lol (And they sound like they will devastating-ish)

They should just make the stun by her shield a slow and give her her damage back (and maybe add a bit more). It’s the stun that makes her feel OP.

Stun makes more sense though. I mean she’s bouncing a shield off your head so yeah. might be a little dazed from that.

I would gladly give up all her abilities to have her damage back.

Galilea was still doing top damage in our enemy team last match. 189K damage. (actually I think she topped the whole lobby) Her stuns, pulls and silences are still just as effective. She can still run and melee at the same time. And apparently a Kelvin is an amazing combo with her… Welcome to stuntown, everybody!

18% really didn’t affect her that much, she is still on excellent character. And the shield throw shouldn’t be a damage dealer anyway, it’s a stun.

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Who would have thought that having a character who is insanely good at everything lacks direction and purpose.

And here I was thinking that her purpose was to be a no-brainer pick on every single team.