What is a good end game skill tree? Resolved! (unless you see fit that a skill is useless)

I am looking for a solid end game skill tree for Tim Tim and I keep going back and forth from which tree to put what points where. I would actually like multiple options of different play styles. I want to try a Tim where the trees’ primary output is buffing Tim himself up and a Tim where its primary focus is the Digi-Jacks themselves.

P.S. My current build which has been fun and worked out for me is now just boring.

They are all good.

But for me I can’t play him without filling out the middle tree (Greater Good).
It has great killskills, and a capstone that keeps them activated pretty much all the time.

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Also I have the Chronicler of Elpis class mod. I know that isn’t that important but so far it’s my favorite mod I have personally found in game and its is what my build is based on right now, but like I said I’m kinda bored with my play style now…

Have you seen Derch’s Comrade Jack build? It uses the CoE COM and it’s a lot of fun.

I like that quit a bit but at the same time I REALLY like the capstone for Free Enterprise. i am going to give it a shot tonight if I can get on… Depends on the wife you know?

Also since I’m bored at work right now I just built this tree and want to try it as well… the only thing is I need the class mod for it.

Sir Jimothy

I would move one point from Supply and demand to Jack’s Cache. Teamwork keeps you alive while your digijacks are out anyway. I also don’t know how the shotgun wristlaser is but I haven’t heard good things about it.

I didn’t even think about doing Jack’s Cache! I don’t like the wrist laser, to me it takes up to much screen and can’t see what you need to hit and it lasts like that for a good few seconds. Just updated the link to show what you suggested

I meant Diversify in the middle tree. I could have been clearer there. Does anyone has experience with it?

Oh, my bad thought you were talking about merger. Any input on that skill as well would be much appreciated! Is commitment any good?

This right here! Sir Jimothy is my new build and am loving it, although I may have a skill point that is better suited elsewhere. Please let me know if you see any changes you think should happen!

Here’s my “for the greater good” build. And I use a cooldown rate class mod.

Delegation is almost useless. Those points are better spent elsewhere. Same with Supply and Demand. You should have all the healing you need from boosted Teamwork. Put two of those 7 points in Absolute Advantage so you can continue to get the capstone. Put a point in You Have My Shield and go find a Nova shield (preferably cryo). When you’re digi-jacks die (mostly from you moving), they will release the cryo nova from the shield, then the explosive nova from Optimism. Put the other four points in Synergy or Believe (Synergy if you’re a good shot, Believe if you’re more spray + pray).

You don’t mention your gear, so it’s difficult to say whether you have good synergy between gear and skills.

I hadn’t really considered that. I have been afraid to give my Jacks any sort of durability via shield or health because I want them to die a lot. But perhaps it’s worth it. The number of Jack deaths that matter the most is 10 anyhow as Teamwork and Collaborate both have 10 max stacks.

You can also go with a legendary shield like the Deadly Bloom, Avalanche, or Sunshine (unique). With this setup + Optimism (5/5) + Potential, you can just jump around the map back and forth and let your exploding DJs do all the work. If you want, throw a tesla grenade (Storm Front or Quasar especially) to help strip shields and shoot with a cryo gun like Too Scoops, Fridgia or Fatale as you jump/run pass the baddies.

See I would love to upload a build that is proper but I have the worst luck in getting proper loot. I have 2 legendary things I use. A rocket launcher that I can’t remember the name of and the skullmasher that is 7 levels lower than me.


That’s what’s nice about the build. The legendaries are just icing on the cake and not necessary. Nova shield and tesla grenade can be found in vending machines, chests, or drops (although Sunshine is a quest reward). Too Scoops and Fridgia are quest rewards and their levels almost don’t matter because you’re using them to freeze not damage. The Chronicler of Elpis mod you have is great because of the boost to Optimism and increased freeze chance (or the Celestial Doppleganger if you get lucky and find one).

Also, it’s worth it to “reset/recall” his Action Skill before it gets below 50%. Above 50%, it seems like you always have the same “minimum” cooldown based on the # of players in the game. 1 player = ~8 secs, 2 players = ~4 secs, 3 players = ~3 secs and 4 players = ~2 secs. So, there is only a few seconds when your DJs aren’t out that you have to play a little defense.

I hate posting from my phone! previous post was from phone

Sorry I needed to get that off my chest. It’s not that I only want legendaries, in fact I want mostly purple gear but even the purple I have right now sucks I don’t really like any of it. Hell I don’t like anything besides my CoM really…

I may just be too picky but I don’t think I am cause my gear was kick-ass 5 levels ago.

EDIT: I have a Celestial now actually that’s what I have that I like. My guns kill people, it’s just I don’t like their rate of fire and/or damage is low enough to where it will take me clipS capital s because it’s either a Jakobs or Maliwan or other manufacture for a gun that has never taken clipS to kill 1-3 enemies at atime