What is a good Gun to kill EOS Any Ideas?

I tryed to kill ESO Like i did on normal but he was way harder on true vault hunter is there any really good loot cause my only good gun is a laser against him.

What character are you playing, and what is your current skill build? (You can use this site to recreate your build, then copy and paste the link).

The reason I ask that is that some characters have skills that work very well with certain types of weapons, so that could alter the recommendations folks might make.

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Ok when i look at my skill tree next ill reply again i know im mainly spected into the hero of this story and Greater Good And i have the entire Hero of this story tree im also level 46 and he is level 48.

Try to get your hands on a Mongol, it absolutely wastes EOS in a matter of seconds no matter what character you’re playing as.
Only problem is this weapon has no fixed drop source so you’ll have to hit the Grinder or farm Vending Machines. :confused:

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I wanted to go for a Luck cannon cause sometimes it can do monstrous damage or low damage it depends on your luck i heard it was the best legendary p.s i have been playing for years.

And i did not personally think the mongal was super good but i guess ill have to get one note im on TVHM and nothing is scaled to level 50 yet EOS is level 48 .

Hmm not really. It can potentially be the best weapon in the game with Nisha, but it’s far from being the best legendary in the game.
It’s not a bad weapon by any means though.

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Flakker + a strong launcher = EASY MONEEEEEEY

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Look i know about that glitch but i’m not gonna use that cause that’s a cheap kill and is not how you should kill him in my opinion. I’m trying to be original

You’re playing TVHM, right?

I’ve gone through a few times with a mixture of a nice glitch corrosive vladof repeater (from the Claptrap DLC), VibraPulse, shock Machine… Basically, whatever had decent DPS and short reload, that also had the range to hit the target (certain laser types are a bit lacking for the large form). That, and dodging around the ‘ribs’ on the main platform, dropping down to the platforms on either side, and second-winding off the bugs.

Yea im on True Vault Hunter Mode Or TVHM The only problem with corrosive guns is i have one and it’s a weak rpg . I also Try to farm Denial Subroutine for glitched guns . I do try it with the same strategy that you used . Because it’s a decent way for not getting hit by his lazer. And it helps shooting the corrosive or healing things i found sometimes. And i got rid of my VibraPulse for some reason.

There’s a bunch of chests you can hit throughout the DLC as well - worth hitting a few of those.


Thanks for the help but someone just joined my game and we destroyed EOS . And i did figure out the nukem flakker glitch. as i got one from the first set of missions in the campaign . By killing that Flame Knuckle guy. And from the grinder I got the flakker easy kills at the the start of UVHM.