What is a good skill tree

What is a good skill tree for a level 39 claptrap stuck on Felicity in TVHM

I like boombot, but I love explosive weaponry. If you can deal with the negatives or have a number of different weapons you can swap out as needed, the right tree is good as well. I’d stay away from the middle unless you play co-op or after you fill up one of the other two trees.

this is my setup, I go for effects that last, not just a few seconds, and I stay away from effects that require only one type of gun. I tend to stay in the first 2 trees all the way to 70 with 3 points in fuzzy logic (third tree)


Do you use this setup in co-op or alone, how does it work

I use it in both, and all situations, for my style of play it works very well, so once I put a point into a tree, it’s that way through End Game, you may want to adjust a point or wait for the next to put 1 point into “Your Going to Love Me”(middle tree) as this unlocks “Gun Wizard”, I’ve found when this activates it also fills all bullet ammo

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