What is a player's score actually? & a rant about the anti-climactic endgame

I can’t find this info in game easily for some reason. What makes up a player’s score on the scoreboard?

I just found out that in the event of a tie, the team with the highest average player score is the winner in Incursion. So I’d really like to know how this figure is calculated.

tbh settling an incursion tie based on anything in the scoreboard is pretty lame. if your sentries are tied, the game really ought to go into a 3 minute sudden death or something, perhaps settled on kill count during that period or whenever the next sentry dies.

i feel similarly about games ending on the time limit, and games ending in surrender. i wish the game were better balanced toward wrapping up in 20 minutes. it feels right now that it’s balanced toward ending in 40 minutes with an aribtrary 30 minute cap added to keep stalemates in check.

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Player Score at the end of the match is decided based on Kills and Assists (2 pts per kill and 1 pt per assist).