What is all the Farming for in the End?

I love all the recent fixes and the new dlc is great! But even with all this… I have nothing to use my perfect gear on! Doing the takedowns is not rewarding imo it’s just like the proving grounds. The only thing i can do is start a new character?

you have perfect gear on?
do you have some VIP ticket to RNGesus backstage room?

I’m not sure what you mean. I haven’t reframed every single item on lv 60 M10. But I have my setup with my perfect anointments for my build

no there is a secret way to play Borderlands 3 that is quite fun and doesn’t rely on too much gear

Step 1: Get a new Amara up to level 60
Step 2: get the ties that bind
Step 3: get a butt stallion grenade at 60 M10 with regenerate on action skill

Start the new game using only phaselock and butt stallion to kill every mob.

“perfect gear” for me includes every single stat on relics, coms and shields^^

Just like the South Park world of Warcraft episode… So what do we do now? Now we play the game…

I’ll be honest, this thread mostly reminded me of why I hate anointments. The OP does have something of a point about content though.

well, this is a farming game that also provides a lot of story content
what exactly are you looking for here? pvp?

with no real raid bosses and nothing to spend money and eridium on there is really no need for farming.

you are farming for gear, not for money xD
but yea, they could give us something to spend eridium on
but thats not the main point of farming in the game^^

I was thinking more of an invincible outside of a takedown honestly.

Also Ada, if that was directed at me for being outside off topic, no I’m not stalking you.

Not for you @TemetNosce; this sort of thing is weird to me… like I’m stewing in my own logical fallacy here because I don’t understand how this can even be a question when clearly it is. :laughing:

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