What Is Amara Fakegrasp?

Hey all. I’m, sticking to Moze wether she works or not but I keep seeing all of these articles about Amara Fakegrasp.

What build is Fakegrasp? What does it do?

It’s a cheap trick based on deliberately missing with Phasegrasp to gain stacks.


It’s just phasegrasping the ground and getting all the buffs (through COMs, skills or anointments) while also resetting your cooldown. Debatable whether it should or shouldn’t since the refund acts to remove penalty on missing your grasp. However devs haven’t done anything to remove it at this point despite being a bit unfair but choose to use it if you want.


So you just look at the ground and hit the ability button until its powered up then grasp a powerful enemy?

But Moze grenade regen was OP? What the hell?

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It (instant cooldown on miss) was added as a QoL improvement for Amara mains, as otherwise you could be stuck a while and there’s a lot of skills riding on phasegrasp (depending how you spec, obviously).

I think this was an unintended oversight - there’s a lot of things that should only trigger on successful phasegrasp. I suspect (although I have no way of knowing for sure) that this may be addressed in a future update.


I feel cool down times should be reduced in general. It would help characters like Moze and Zane to utilize ase anointments. I just got my Fl4k up to level 50 and beat normal mode with him and he’s great with rakk attack. He can trigger 100% ase anointments almost continuously, like Amara with phase grasp. If the devs want to add a bit of cool down time to amaras “fakegrasp” I’d be ok with it and utilize the new mod for her and/or go back to cast. I started as Moze and really don’t play her much anymore as I am not a big fan of Tediore chucking and just can’t get a good m4 build going for her, which is a bummer.

It’s more like you grasp the ground (i.e. miss your grasp) and just get all the buffs without ever grasping an enemy. This is done so that you always have your buffs. You never really want to grasp an enemy unless it’s an anointed tink since you want the refunded cooldown. Basically you play with no skill use and are only using it to apply crazy buffs.


I don’t know that the issue you’re complaining about is cooldown rate so much as it is that Moze and Zane don’t have a ton of good anointments generally. If Moze and Zane had better anointments, their cooldown rates are just fine. Zane’s action skill can be essentially infinite and Moze’s cooldown is so long that neither can use on ASE anointments. They just need better class-focused anointments.

EDIT: I should have said that Zane and Moze cannot take advantage of the on ASE anointments as well as Amara and Fl4k - not that Zane and Moze cannot use them at all.


It worth noting that Moze can use the bonus splash damage on exiting Iron Bear anointment very effectively if you have a bit of cooldown reduction and exit Iron Bear as soon as you enter. You can actually keep the anointment up pretty much 100% of the time so long as you have a few enemies to kill or self dot with the new DLC shield.

If anyone is looking for an effective non-Tediore build, look into the Ion Cannon. Its easy to farm and hits like a truck with a blast master com. I’ve been running it without any points in Demolition Woman, and just enough in enough in Thin Red Line that I still have health gate.


Nice I’ll try running my Moze like that. Thanks for the suggestion.

Please don’t take that away from Amara. It might have been unintentional but it’s a really interesting way to play.

In game design this kind of thing has a name. “evolved complexity”? I think. Players taking elements of the gameplay and benefiting in unexpected ways. It’s fun.

And !!! If you play FLAK you have the very quick Rakk attack, which can also trigger “on action skill end”. And if you play Zane you can configure your skills to basically end every 15 seconds. Moze has her own special stuff going on.

…it’s called they accounted for ASE procs when they made the game, then realized it wasn’t fair to punish missed phasegrasps when missed phasegrasps can happen because of a simple bad frame, and then they can’t figure out how to fix it. Jeeze. Acting like its some kind of special awesome “evolved complexity” is just silly.

Rakk Attack at least does what it’s supposed to while also doing the thing. Fake Grasping ignores the skills function, which is not how it’s supposed to work.


The issue with fakegrasping IMO is the fact it’s activating all these things essentially for a skill failure. As such people started changing their gameplay to exploit the oversight by spamming intentional skill failures. I expect it to be patched eventually and many people to cry over not being able to abuse it anymore.

We’ve already had entire threads where people tried to claim the oversight was an intentional design though I think most of the posts in those threads that weren’t debunking that claim were by the same person who likely has used it to the point they can’t fathom being able to play the game without it.

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Don’t expect it to be fixed. They don’t have a way to. They’d have to rework all the things entirely. It’s gonna stay unless they make it autotarget the nearest enemy if you have no target. I’m not 100% sure of this, but from how everything triggers, I think it’s pretty safe to assume the ASE and ASA events are the doors for the buffs. And there’s no way to make it so that the skill being used and failing doesn’t open those doors. The only solution therefore is to make a hallway between the doors. They originally had it so the skill had a cool down no matter what. Then they realized this meant every single Amara skill could miss…badly. So they took away missed cool downs for grasp…which leads us here.

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It’s a fun way to play and it’s not simple and it’s not skill-less and it takes intention. And it’s not the only way to play Amara. And the last thing most players want is nerfing. I’ve worked many years in game design. Removing or fixing this would not be worth it.

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I completely disagree. You don’t need skill to make Phasegrasp miss. You just have to target an area without enemies.

No , it is not the only way to play Amara. But it is the most efficient way to play her. And that annoys me (as an Amara player).
Imagine, the most efficient way to play FL4K would be to shoot your feet, where the bullets ricochet to hit enemies.


That was Gaige, hah


The first answer to this thread was the most accurate

Emphasis on cheap trick.

Anyone that wants to compare Fl4k’s rakk attack and Amara’s fakegrasp clearly doesn’t see the difference between “functioning how it is intended” and “an unintended consequence”

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actually i think auto targeting nearest enemy would be a good idea, so you either hit the enemy you meant to, or you hit an enemy close to you. would solve this problem, and force Amara to actually aim with their action skill if they wanted to get the most out of it.

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I had some Amara’s chew my head off for suggesting it