What is amara’s special weapon of choice

I mean the one she gets the special extra stats using thx

What “special extra stats” are you on about?

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Do you mean anointed weapons?

I mean like zero in borderlands 2 is a specialist sniper.just wondering what Amaras special skills or weapon choice are/is

She’s got skills to improve close up damage (shotguns) splash damage (elemental weapons…like…maliwan shotguns), elemental damage (maliwan!), and a skill to bring down charge time (…maliwan…) and bigger magazine on elemental weapons (good for maliwan…smgs?) I actually have a sniper build plotted for her for when I wanna do that, and a shotgun build. :slight_smile:

Wow thanks for that

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No problem! I’m really excited for her :slight_smile:

They don’t really have any skills associated with weapons like in 2, they wanted to give them all broader weapon options for their skills to boost. But Amara’s element focus and close range for melee playstyle definitely makes shotguns, SMGs and handguns effective choices.

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