What is Battleborn?

“A tremendous band of badass heroes fight to protect the universe’s very last star from a mysterious evil in this next-gen shooter by the creators of Borderlands.”

Why would I ask such a question when the basis of the game is clearly outlined here (https://battleborn.com/en/info/).

Let me get straight to point… Obviously, Battleborn is more than just a shooter… touting an array of unique characters, many of which do not use “guns” and each having a defined role, such as attacker, defender, and suppoter.

At present, Battleborn feels like a Borderlands inspired (only natural) MOBA with traces of RPG elements. I suppose what I really want to know is whether or not it will continue to build on these elements…

For instance, besides the Helix skill tree and gear load outs, will I be able to customize my charater’s armor (outfit) and weapon(s). As an example, in my mind I can visualize Torn in a black and red outfit and a new bow that further augments her passives skills.

What is it that will keep me playing? I’m not the kind of player who find enjoyment in challenging myself to play through the same story missions (or multiple times at different difficulty modes) or pvp with each type character. I usually pick my favorite(s) and play to my hearts content.

There have been multiple game modes announced, but I’m going to go off of Meltdown in my description.

Battleborn is a MOBA in which you have a first person view. It is not an FPS.

Battleborns campaign will be interesting to see. It might end up as a great way to farm loot packs and try out new characters. It could also be incredibly fun.

You may be able to unlock new skins, weapons and abilities as your rank your characters up. I want to play Thorn wearing black, too.

What will keep you coming back? What keeps people coming back to the pvp of Halo, League, Dota or Counter Strike? Competing is fun and exhilarating. You can continue to hone your skills and climb the ranks, proving yourself to be the best. You can also get drunk with your friends and run a troll Montana and 4 supports comp :smiley:

Those are my thoughts on what Battleborn is, and I’m pretty thrilled.

Maybe you forget about the storyline and the setting. I consume games like books or movies - a good story, good humor, good chars and explosions are what keeps me playing.

I think to many people are concentrating on the PvP/MOBA options that BB will offer - but its no MOBA, its a weird mix of many different game classes.

In my opinion the PvP part was made for all the people who complained about duels in Borderlands. I´m really no PvP-gamer, so I´m more into shoot&loot and to whitness a epic story. If suddenly everyone only focus on the PvP-parts, surely the game looks slim & cheap - because PvP is only a small part.

Its like gamers would reduce the MassEffect-Trilogy down to ME3-multiplayer option only. Suddenly MassEffect is a small joke of a game.

What I want to say is: Nowerdays games tend to be more sport than entertainment. So half the people want it to be a sport, the others want to relax on the couch.
You may think BB will fail as sport, but I say it will be a blast regarding entertainment :heart:

I personally hope it thrives as a sport. I think BB has the potential to be highly competitive and strategic, and fun to watch, too. Add in a pick/ban phase akin to league or Dota, add more load out slots, and suddenly there’s a lot more strategy before the spawn doors even open.

I guess I’m focused on the pvp because I like the MOBA structure so much. I’m pumped to get 4 other friends in the beta and try out strategies, positions and team comps.

Well said :smiley: Myself and my long-time co-op partners are not interested in Battleborn as a MOBA. We were looking to the game for its campaign play. As such, we had our doubts.

However, we all managed to get on the CTT and, even with the limited options available, we’ve been playing together every night. For us, it works as a (very) fun shooter.

It clearly works in co-op. If GBX manages to balance SP as well, then this game is going to give me at least as much fun, and I suspect a lot more, than many recent FPSs.

Thanks for your feed back guys. I’m in no way passing judgement on BB at this juncture. I’m enjoying the CCT even with the limited play. Like me, I’m sure you all have high expectations and I supposed I’m throwing my thought out there in hopes that it will be everything I expect and more.

I would like to know what other players are expecting of BB and who is your favorite character so far…