What is being done to fix matchmaking?

Does anyone have any official word or plans regarding the poor current state of matchmaking? Here are some pretty obvious suggestions:

-5 man premades should never, ever be matched against a group of 5 solo queue
-Level should be taken in consideration if it is lower than 10 (IE - very limited character choices, no item loadouts, etc). Everybody is tired of getting a level 2 on their team versus an entire team of experienced players and losing because of it.
-Some, any, amount of variables taken into consideration to create a balanced, fun match.
-Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems 100% random right now. Also, constructing one team at a time and only then looking for opponents makes zero sense. The entire game of 10 should be made at the same time ordering the players in a way that makes sens for balance’s sake. I have hordes of screenshots already of a team with a combined level of less than 50 VS one with a combined level of over 250. Regardless of how much level factors in to a player’s ability to do well, every single one of these games the lower level team gets stomped.