What is Better (Headhunter)

What would be better to farm the treasure varkids in Wam Bam island or the Easter eggs and secret boss fight in Hallowed Hallow I am looking for time consumption drop rates so which would be better

Treasure varkids can drop anything from the world loot pool while I thought Clark was restricted to the Pyrophobia, which is not a strong launcher. You can also farm Flynt Jr. for the Thunderball Fists and OOO for the Twister, but any OOO farming is time consuming.

The spiderants in Hallowed Hollow are a good source for tubby spawns, however.

If you’re just into the world loot pool, loot midget farming in Thousand Cuts/Sawtooth/WEP is probably a faster way to go.

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You should be farming the Loot Train.

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Depends on what you are after… generally good gear, then yes Loot Train, it’s the single best source for the widest range of gear, with solid purples, eridium, first row legendary class mods, and the odd world loot pool leg drop. I even got a Pearl once, an OP8 Avenger with great parts… However, if you are specifically looking for world loot pool legendaries and the e tech relics, then the LLM’s are the way to go. If you want gen 2 class mods and pearls, then Tubbies past L61.

And the loot train is guaranteed to give you that Impaler you always wanted.


Neither. The best Headhunter pack for general farming is Mercenary Day, because of the loot train and Tinder Snowflake. Tinder is a great source for high quality purple gear and the train not only offers you high quality non-unique gear of all kinds but it also has a pretty good chance of giving you Legendaries. It’s also a really easy and really fast run to kill Tinder and check the train. With the right gear and strategy you can do it in just a couple of minutes.

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The treasure Varkids are faster to farm, honestly. But the Halloween pack has some killer (literally) skins, if you’re willing to farm for them.

I know the loot train but I’m looking for something not very long if you don’t got the right gear tinder snowflake is very hard but idk

He’s probably the easiest boss in the game, aside from maybe Bunker.

Bunker can’t hit anything took him 5 minutes before I antagonist bore him

You just need a high fire rate/dps gun and a lady fist, a Bee and it should not be an issue. :wink:


That’s Gunzerker

Well how about a Lady Fist and a Bee then??

Really any high fire rate and/or high crit gun will take it down in a couple mags.

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You can finish the mission to unlock Tinder Snowflake in about 30 minutes. Use the Lady Fist, wear the Bee and maybe the Sheriff’s Badge, position yourself next to the elevator, wait for him to pop up from the ground and shoot him in that big melon head of a crit spot he has. He’ll be dead before he can reach you or even attack. It actually takes longer to reach him than it takes to kill him. Works with every character.

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Nope, it works with any character. :slight_smile:

As @anon13808724 said, he takes more time to reach him and wait for him to spawn than killing him.

Special mention if you use Axton, use your turret to distract Tinder from you.

The true power of Mag-Lock will reveal itself :wink:

But only a Gunzerker can duel wield so how you can’t duel wield a lady lady with any character except sal so how

Mercenary Day is the most reliable of the two HH packs as you always have the same variety of loot with the train and have a good chance of getting something decent. Besides legendary items the train is also a good way of getting a hold of E-tech launchers such as the Topneaa.

The best character for nailing Tinder Snowflack is Salvador, especially if you set him up to where he can easily rush to Tinder’s spawn location via Gunzerker (Deputy Salvador build with Fabled Tortoise and Raider COM) to shorten the amount of time it takes to kill him and get the loot.

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You don’t need to dual wield. Just one Lady Fist and the Bee are enough. You can also wear the Sheriff’s Badge to increase the fire rate and base damage of the Lady Fist, but even though it helps, it isn’t necessary. It could be even easier with Sal, but any character can do it.

Yeah I use sal but sal is not the one I want to get it cause sal is my Raid boss killer with a lady fist orphan maker and grog nozzle