What is Better (Headhunter)

You do realise that gear got on ANY of your characters can be passed to other characters? You have a max level Sal, and are moaning about Tinder Snowflake being hard? With Sal especially from spawning into the game at the fast travel to killing him takes around 3 minutes.

I don’t mean this to be condescending, but honestly it just seems to me you aren’t applying any common sense here.

You couldn’t be closer to the truth than that. :slight_smile:


I know but it’s such a pain moving 4 weapons or gear at a time and it only took a 53 seconds cause of rocket jumping

Yeah, I can see why that would be a problem. Some people say nurses have it tough, but i’m on your side.

Yeah cause it’s like put it in sign go out of that character wait find that character go back into there save teleport back to sanctuary wait then go to the place and get the gear then repeat

If you have a second controller or a friend you trust you can use a mule to move 18+ items.

I was being sarcastic.