What is borderlands aesthetic they are going for?

I was wondering on what aesthetic borderland is going for because when I type this into google I really can’t get a correct response so I was wondering if someone could help me out

What I have learnt is that its sort of a post-apocalyptic & space cowboy aesthetic

It’s mostly that.
There is some space opera aesthetic as well in some places

I also tend to see some steampunk in it sometimes
Like in the pirate booty dlc

Depends on the bl game sorry tbh I don’t consider bl3 a proper bl game not being edgy or anything but I will always say play bl2 first it perfected the essence of borderlands bl2s villain was so good he got his own game that game is the essence of borderlands edit* sorry I ment bl2 not the game it spawned
Second edit* lol btw if you love bl3 awesome not joking or trying to be a jerk bl2 just made such a standard when it came to borderlands for me that given bl3 and how it played out it’s nothing on bl2 but we all like different things and in this subject I would say bl2 should be your measuring stick but that is always personal choice


Mad Max in space with corporate themed factions.


This is about right: pick your favorite apocalypse:

  • The first spring after human settlement (when people got their first look at the local fauna which tore through that nascent civilization, causing people to abandon most of those places in favor of more secure encampments).
  • The Atlas/Dahl withdrawls and subsequent turn to barbarism
  • Handsome Jack cracking (crackening?) Elpis with Helios
  • Maliwan’s siege of Promethea
  • Destruction of Minos Prime
  • The lockdown of the Handsome Jackpot

Interesting question. Kinda depends on what part of the series you’re referring to tho. The first game was a lot darker and grittier in general, so prolly more dystopian and post-apocalyptic, along the lines of Mad Max. Each game afterward has gone progressively more sci-fi and silly, with 2 being a compelling balance of grit and humor, and 3 being, as they like to call it, total mayhem.

Space cowboy is definitely a good descriptor in general, but a lot of the dlc’s veer off into their own realm. For instance, Zombie Island in 1 is kinda like an old horror movie, Dragon Keep in 2 is high fantasy, and the Handsome Jackpot in 3 is like an 80s heist thing. And 3 in general feels more like a silly sci-fi epic along the lines of Space Balls. But yeah, space western is prolly the best way of summarizing it. Like Cowboy Bebop, Firefly, or maybe Mandalorian (I haven’t watched it, so not sure).

Personally, I prefer the aesthetic of 1, but I know I’m probably in the minority on that