What is considered "high chance" for Legendary in Epic Loot Packs?

I’ve open around 30 Epic Level Loot Packs with 0 Legendaries unboxed. I’m not happy.

Is “high chance” around 5% or something lower?

When I see “high chance” I 'm expected around 50% drop rates or more. Why such nebulous terms such as “high chance” when it could be 1% for all we know, when players expect a lot more?

I’ve opened around 20 epic loot packs myself, with 2 legendaries to show for it; and roughly 50 rogue loot packs with 7 legendaries to show for it, trying to unlock Toby’s alternate taunts. Plus, faction loot packs give you a much better chance at a SPECIFIC legendary that you want, for half the cost. Screw epic packs.

Well the way it works is that loot packs have a chance of giving you higher “tiers” of loot. e.g uncommon loot packs have give you uncommon OR higher gear, rare loot packs give you rare OR higher gear etc. So essentially in epic loot packs you are guaranteed an epic with a chance at a legendary, cutting out every other tier of loot(common, uncommon and rare). So theoretically you do have a 50% chance of getting a legendary, but in practice I would imagine its something like 10-15%. Hope that this explanation made at least a little bit of sense.

I get plenty of common and uncommon gear in Epic Loot packs. Right now the description states there is a high chance of a Legendary. It feels like a bait and switch if that’s not really the case. Or if “high chance” is < 5% from GB’s perspective. Which we don’t know.

Sounds like faction loot packs are the better option.

Well loot packs GUARANTEE you one pice of gear that is of appropriate rarity(so epic loot packs get you a guaranteed epic), and that piece of gear is the best chance of getting a higher rarity gear from that pack. So epic loot packs will contain commons, uncommon etc but you have one piece of gear that will always be epic or higher.

All i can say is that i’ve gotten more ledgendaries than taunts from faction packs. I recently got two in one rogue faction pack (“go-go juice” and that wierd “corpse reviver” that has legendary status, but isn’t really legendary, as it has no special effect, and has an 800 shard activation cost), and you only get two pieces of loot. Don’t do rogue packs for legendary gear though, because all of theirs suck. Do Eldrid or LLC for the better legendary items, and UPR’s are decent too. Go with whatever faction packs coincide with your favorite or most-used characters, so you have a chance of getting a taunt or skin for them. However, research which legendary you want first, and what faction it belongs too.