What is GB thinking (mods)

So Gearbox is greenlighting mods from the PC modding community? Meaning console players are once again left with a busted game, while PC players at least some interesting toys to play with.

I get that user-created mods aren’t supported on consoles. But why doesn’t GB instead incorporate some of the more interesting mods into the base game for all players? It’s like they continue to ignore and screw over a sizable portion of their customers.

I don’t know how, but GB continues to find new ways to disappoint me. I could pick up the base PC game for really cheap and then be able to enjoy all of the new user-created content. But why should I give GB any more money?

GB, fix your damn game and try to support the other portion of your consumer base.

The ps4 loading screen times for BL3 drove me to buy a new gaming pc. I had to buy BL3 again and did so without hesitation. I’m glad I did too. PC gaming is much better imo.

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Because they don’t want to take responsibility for user-generated content and because they would have little to gain from messing around with this stuff. And because it’s all but certain that mods would even make it through the cert process for the consoles.
Like, I’m sorry console players are getting the short end of the stick here, but right now you are being unreasonable. I mean, you are basically asking for GBX to create their own version of the Creation Club that Bethesda made for Fallout 4 and Skyrim and those weren’t widely successful either (plus, considering your attitude you probably wouldn’t want to pay for those mods even though they mean extra work for gbx).

When it comes to mods, GBX is taking the easy and comfortable position of “do what you want, but do it at your own risk” and that just doesn’t work for the consoles.


Because consoles companies don’t allow mods on their machines. Just buy a computer and join the good side of gaming.

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That’s what you signed up for when you bought a console.

Sorry dude but even games like Fallout 4 had mods on console. To simply say oh companies had little to gain or was too much effort to do is almost excuse making if you ask me. Gearbox could ask the community in the console side what they’d like to see, look at the options and what is possible with the technology they have then let the console side of the community try it out and see what they think. Sure there’s be boundaries of what they could do but it’s be better than nothing.

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That’s being a little one sided there man, instead of being biased shouldn’t we look or propose constructive options. Thought honestly in the community guidelines it wasnt considered proper manners to more or less demean console side of the community.

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Finally the game gets into the hands of people who actually know what their doing the modders. Honestly even with mods I probably am not going to come back. Due to the bitter taste I’ve gotten from gbx in general. I suggest you count you losses and just move on to bigger and better games like immortal fenyx rising that thing is pretty cool.

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That’s the Zelda Breath of the Wild clone isn’t it? Should be good

Do you have a source for this?

Even if it’s GBX, I don’t think they’ll actually roll out mods on pc and ignore console players (just the backlash of doing so would be enough incentive to not alienate players)

On the other hand, if it was in a testing environment that would probably make more sence (let people test it on PC, see what works and roll them out on consoles later)

Sorry but I kinda have to agree with them :thinking:

Consoles compared to PC have restrictions to what you can and cannot do (short and long term)
I’m not going to start the PC master race discussion but PC as a platform is just easier for developers :wink: consoles on the other hand have the advantage that every single one is the same haha

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It’s not impossible to mod on consoles, but in order to do it legally (that is, not using a jailbroken console) the game dev not only needs to strike a deal with the companies behind the console but also establish a proper platform for accessing them and they need to take responsibility for them.

Bl3 modding is quite literally in its infancy and “even games like” Fallout 4 had mods on PC long before mod support was added to console (your “even” is quite ironic considering that Fallout 4 and Skyrim are among the most-modded games with some of the most extensive mod support out there. Borderlands mods have always been a lot more niche) so either way, it’s way too soon to cry that console players are being shafted again. Gbx has reached out a finger to the playerbase in generally tolerating mods as long as they stick to some rules and right now your are demanding half a torso.

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The problem lies deeper. Peeps cannot buy consoles and later on cry that consoles don’t have the same advantages as PCs.

Everyone knows that PC has far superior mod support. Consoles, however, have exclusive titles and the games are better optimized for them.

We shouldn’t blame Gearbox for the fundamental differences i.e. advantages and disadvantages from PC to console and vice versa. There are 99 things to criticize about Gearbox but no mod support for consoles ain’t one of them.

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The forum rules mean that discussion of modding on consoles is not allowed.