What is going on with kaoson?!?!

I cant get a lvl 60 kaoson for ■■■■! Can anyone help? Wtf happened to the drop rates for the kaoson all of a sudden?!? I never had a problem getting them. This is now 2 hrs into my second day trying to farm truant for lvl 60 versions with 50/150 anoint and I cant get any to drop at all, let alone the roll I want

I’ve noticed this as well, not seen a Kaoson in 2 days of farming, same with trying to get an It’s Piss so maybe dedicated drops have dropped off the cliff.

I farmed 4 last night in about an hour and a half, mind you the anointments are lame and they are only 1X. If you want them they are yours.

I didn’t have any issues getting my lvl 60 one, got like 3 in an hour and the 3rd one has +200% ASA so. They exist! On mayhem 10 that is.

I got 1 to drop in an entire night of farming. Nothing useful anointment-wise but I got one… one.