What is going on with the drop rates?

Hey guys,

I just farmed the spiritual driver for 3 hours with my fl4k. I have snowdrift + speed rough rider and im one shotting celesto and his m8 with only one bullet with my lvl 49 recursion. I ned about 2 min for a run so I killed them about 90 times and havent got seen one spiritual driver. I farmed katagawa Ball 82 times and got only 5 brainstormer, 2 were annointed. General traunt 40 times and not a Single recursion. All bosses were killed in 5hvm on m4.
At this point im just frustradet… I mean this seems kind of impossible to get something you really want to have. For the class mod its really not nessasary to get a good one but having one would be nice. Wasting so much time on a better spiritual driver seems more than ridiculous since i am not getting even one.
I know the rng can suck, but that much?


I hear this alot but I scored 2 with Fl4k so unless something changed from the beginning it should drop for everyone.
At the very least the takedown does not discriminate.

If you can run it with an amara in either coop modes via splitscreen it should work, i took a friend to grab 1 and it showed up on my side yet i was playing moze

Exactly - crap drops for everyone! Haha


Does it matter if my amara is not in thvm? As far i know (heared) the m4 and thmv only raise World drops and not dedicadet drops. The same with splitscreen. Would you recomend me to set the game on the opposite of coorporation (not sure how that setting is called exactly) and do splitscreen on amara?

I was meaning if you had another account, to set that as an amara - on coopetition as you probably dont want to walk both characters to the spot

Well I scored them from sylestro and his boy. Honestly it’s a little odd I’ve gotten 2 of Mozes from Wotan but no drivers or rakk paks.
Maybe it wasn’t supposed to happen and got stealth patched.

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That’s RNG for you. I can only tell you that you should always farm classmods with the respective characters because that does apparently influence the droprate.

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It took me forever to get a Driver (even farming with Amara), it barely drops. I’d like better stats but it’s not worth the time sink.


This is not true any more. I got two Spiritual Drivers while farming Faisors with my Moze.

COM drop rate is always better for the character you’re using, same with anoints, so you’ll have more luck using your Amara. If you’re on xbox I can help you our tho, I farmed them for days for the right annointed red suit for my Zane and a few drivers dropped so if xbox just post your GT.

Had it drop 4 times farming with Moze but I think its just rng it still should be a little better if farmed with Amara

I play Amara and was farming for both a Recursion and Spiritual Driver today. Out of like 30 runs I got 1 SD. Out of about 25 runs I got 3 Recursions, but only 1 was annointed and it was a crappy annointment.

It’s kind of annoying honestly. They need to spread out the dedicate loot pools. Should be 1, at most 2, dedicated drops per character (and that includes unique drops too).

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Farming for dedicated anything is a royal pain in the rear arse.

@dimitrij.eisner I wish you luck my brave friend, I’ve had to trade for every dedicated drop I have ever gotten. Drop chance is so low it feels like my rng is an anomaly.

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Thanks but Im on ps4. Ill try farming again later today with fl4k and amara in splitscreen.

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Same here. There’s not one piece of gear I’m currently using that I was able to farm myself - and not for lack of trying - I’ve literally traded for everything I’m using in my loadout. I’ve personally come to believe that there’s just too much RNG bloat in this game to make farming reasonable.

My drop rates have been absolute crap the last 2 days. I’ve been farming Borman Nates and Gigamind and it’s terrible now. I’m thinking about just buying the Season Pass and playing it instead of farming.

I got my Spiritual Driver farming with Moze on NVHM, mayhem 4. got it in my 1st 15-20 min. Wanted better rolls, 6-8hrs of farming later, have yet to see my 2nd one.

I have never seen a Phasezerker class mod.
I have only seen 1 deathless artifact.
Been playing since release day.
Bangarang, gunarang, Green monster… I don’t even pick up anymore.
Shock and corrosive cutsman, non-anointed= several
Fire/anointed cutsman= 0

Had a friend that was only getting fire cutsman and swore he saw a deathless about once a day.

So as far as i can tell, “good luck”, is the answer to all farming questions.
I think Gearbox was really proud of their mail system.

Thanks to some YouTube videos (thank you dead zpikes) I have a few more deathless now. Phoenix farm. Do your homework kids.
Also got my 1st fire(and anointed) cutsman.,Cistern of slaughter.(are they stalking us?)

I’ve gotten quite a few Phasezerkers so I’m surprised that you haven’t seen any. Got a “Volatile_TEMP_Phasezerker” the other day that I’m using now. I think I got it from Borman Nates but I’m not sure.

I got a nice fire anointed Cutsman off of Borman Nates but the anointment is for FL4K. Otherwise it’s nice.

I play Moze, and Amara. I think the game wants me to play Zane, i swear half the coms i get are for him.

For Amara i have tons of Nimbus, Golden Rule, Elementalist. A few breakers, 1 driver, 1 dragon, 0 phasezerker.


They should be, it let’s me mail overstock to my mule without going split screen :sweat_smile: