What is going on with the weapon skins?

I was pleasantly surprised by the possibility to change the skin of the weapons. I did it with several of them and it looks really cool. Suddenly, the weapon skins don’t work any more. I can still buy skins and sometimes I found them as part of the loot, but I cannot change them. Is this a glitch? Is anybody else having the same problem?

Press “F” to inspect/view then press “X” to select skin. You have to changezones for the skin to show


The X is not there. It just says “Change weapon skin”, but you can’t close it:

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Yeah, my screen looks the same but for me the “X” still works & allows me to select a new skin.

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What is the X in the keyboard mapped (or bound) to? Is there any item on the key mapping menu that X should be mapped toward? Because I changed some key bindings when I first installed the game and the X doesn’t work for me. Do you know?

I just hit X while in the “inspect” mode and it worked. YEEEYY!!

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