What is going on

Everytime i try to even play , It goes back to my xbox home screen. I brought the digital copy. I even try to uninstall and reinstall. It still wont work… Any suggestions?

No idea - haven’t encountered that personally. It sounds like something may be missing on the install. If you go to “Manage Game” is anything showing up as an update or still queued for download? Also, is your XBox full up to date?

There’s nothing showing up in updates and yes my xbox is updated.

Did you power cycle your Xbox? Press and hold the power button for a good few seconds.

Yes i already have

Its just driving me nuts of why its not working

Does it get past the box art splash screen at all?

I’ve been looking up the issue, I see other people have had it happen but I cannot find a solution. Everything says to hard reset and uninstall/reinstall which you’ve clearly done. Someone even bought a whole new Xbox but it still happened.
This is quite the pickle…
Does it happen with any other games?

Ok try this one. Total shot in the dark. I know you already hard reset but we’re going to try one more step with it.

With your Xbox on, unplug the Ethernet cord from the back of the Xbox. (Or disconnect from WiFi if connected wirelessly)
Now hardreset it again.
Leaving the Ethernet unplugged/WiFi disconnected, turn the Xbox back on and start the game up.

Sometimes it gets that far lol. It used to do it to fallout. But it never did with apex or black ops 4

Alright i will try that. I will let you know.

Time for a support ticket

It’s a bit drastic, but you may also want to consider a factory reset. This would remove all accounts from the XBox so they would have to be added back afterwards (which means any off-line saves would be lost.) There’s two options - one leaves games and apps in place, the other clears everything. I eased the pain on that by having most of my games on an external HD so there wasn’t much to actually download besides the profiles and saves. (The saves get re-syncd from cloud when you launch a game.) Check the instructions on the XBox support pages before proceeding if you decide to give this a shot.

Alright. Thank you. I know most of my stuff is on my external drive. So i wouldnt be as much as a pain. I will looked it up and go from there.