What Is Going On?

My bf and I play this pretty selectively and were big fans of BL2. BL3 has just turned old really fast. We have probably 15k Eridium with no way to spend it, run through bosses, circles of slaughter, Handsome Jackpoot, and Wotan on M4 (also have barely gotten the loot only Wotan drops). We beat the game in a few days and have full time jobs and lives. Also finding a group of people to play with can sometimes take 30 mins and we only need 2 other people.

Replay value is just pretty low and there seems to be very little forethought into how to keep the game engaging. What is the roadmap for the game, for example? I know holidays just ended, but I feel like we haven’t gotten any info besides the dev team stopping the rollout of the tiered Wotan patch for amount of players due to technical issues and haven’t heard anything else since.

Where do you feel the game is headed and have you been satisfied with the current offerings from GearBox?

I think mum is the word until they get ready to announce new content… The only team that seems to be making progress in the installment is the new content team. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the folks fixing the things that break - but so much just has not been improved to where it needs to be that it’s hard for me to honestly recognize them at this point.

How do we still have menu lag? How does co-op still suffer such connectivity problems in the sessions folks actually get paired up with others? Why can we not get an answer that’s a real answer regarding the future of incorporating vertical split screen - instead of just talk about the challenges they face in doing so? Why are some cosmetics simply unobtainable when it just needs to be coded in as a drop? Why does the game crash consoles still? I don’t care how many days it’s been since launch or how long they’ve been working on this game… I will say that BL3 has come a long way since launch, but I’m wondering exactly how much goes on outside of the new content team. We have so little meaningful progress in areas that shouldn’t be neglected (or at least communicated about effectively) it’s just sad.


Apparently its a big secret and we are not in the golden circle, any communication at this point, even a simple hello would be welcomed :grin: previous poster nailed it :+1:


With few exceptions, seems like GBX only communicates with the community about fixes/enhancements on Thursdays

This, this, this!