What is happening in this video?

Any explains? :upside_down_face:
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Stinger 300 90 face puncher elemental projector white elephant. It is broken currently, if you use rakks and or ttb with revelation you dont even need to melee to kill things.


Oh Thanks. :slight_smile:

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I’d be careful with tossing around “broken”. It’s powerful, but by the mechanics established in the game this is working just as intended.

I know it’s semantics, but “broken” gets tossed around way too much. It implies something is bugged.

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Yeah let’s say buff melee interaction so that gbox will not nerfed it.

I just remember it is hotfix day.



Lol that’s an old reference

It hasn’t lost its relevancy if you ask me. Not every interaction in the game needs to be preserved. I would just put various caps on things, like the amount of times a White Elefant can proc per second (for example, make it 5 procs and it would still be incredibly powerful, but you couldn’t just instakill what feels like everything). Or spread out the damage by the amount of pellets (like it has been done with the Bee shield in BL2) that got off the effect per trigger pull. You don’t need to destroy an item to make it balanced enough.


Is it just me or does korean Fl4k (at least I believe that’s korean) somehow sound like they’re talking backwards?

You’re not alone. It’s the language barrier at it’s peak performance, when a language sounds as if it was spoken backwards xD