What is it? Where does it come from?

So I have this little icon under my XP bar and I have no idea WTF it is or where it comes from. I assume it’s a run speed buff but I looked at all my skills and weapons and i don’t see anything that gives me a movement buff or anything with that icon. Can anyone tell me what this is and where it comes from? I have x4 of it whatever it is!

I’m also seeing health crosses in it. Do you have anything that gives you Health Regeneration when Moving? I believe FL4K has some skills that do that, so there may be Class Mods for FL4K that boost that. :thinking:

isn’t that rush stacks?


It very well could be but if it is…wtf is that icon? The do harm icon is a skull so not sure where that icon comes from but I guess that makes the most sense. Will test it thanks!

Yes those are your Rushstacks

Rush Stacks.