What is known about the Killer jump-pad in Attikus?

This Jump-pad kills, it’s evil, some sort of twisted joke by the Devs.
btw it doesn’t always spawn, not sure why.

If you have the side-objective to defeat the shard collector, there’s actually a shard spawned at the end location of that jump. It disappears once the side-objective is completed or failed. And yes, it is evil especially since it drops you back almost on the pad so when your co-op partner(s) revive you, you promptly fly off into the void again.


It’s a part of one of the OP challenges. It only appears (or is supposed to) when the objective is to get to a floating platform with a shard cluster.

Wha? EVIL?! EVIL! EVIL! Barnacleboy, dont forget there’s EEEEEVILLLLL!! EVIL, EVILEVILEVILEEEAAHHH!!
-sprayed in face by water fountain-

Man, it has been TOO long since i made a Mermaid Man reference. :slight_smile:


A friend got killed by that evil twisted thing, so as Kelvin i went there and rez my partner, my giant body touched it and i lost 4k hp :sob:

I saved a friend, and then saw it and jumped on for fun. Death. Then I got revived and instantly relaunched. I managed to nullify at the height of the jump and landed on an invisible platform. As I got back, the Reyna encouragingly flipped the bird as I poked my eye

There’s also another jump pad to the right in the first section that barely even gets you to the roof. In half my attempts I fall short

Man, I should probably give it a try as Mellka now. That would be pretty cool to lunge off mid-air.

I blame this to the lazy internal testing. Why leave jump pads when there is nowhere to land after the objective is done. Good luck on using this stuff while on Hardcore, solo ^^.

I have suffered the indignity of this jump pad too.

Plus a teammate who refused to stop reviving me.

The horror.

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The pad is only the beginning… We did hardcore and got the zero point bug, so it still shows as incomplete. Strangely, we didn’t muster the enthusiasm to try again. :confused:


Just lost another one, very mad random player who was playing as Ernest stepped on it.


I’ve experienced similar horror on The Experiment where, even with your motion mulled, getting revived while on the edge of a cliff your character comes back to like and promptly falls over the cliff again. The trick is to change direction while in the air before the respawn pose kicks in, so that when you get revived you’re facing a favourable direction. Tricky, but possilbe (and that’s how the guy who was stuck on the evil jump pad in my game the other night finally managed to not instantly fly to his doom again.)