What is limitting my gaming experience at the moment?

At first, i wanna express how much i enjoy the new revenge of the cartell Event.
Reinforcements are fun while mobing, and the Option to turn it off when you wanna do a takedown is a good thing too. The new cartell map is awesome in design and i really like going throught it.

At the moment there are many points that are limitting my fun playing borderlands 3.

At first, gearing for annointments feels boring and repetitive. I was farming for around 2 Hours to get a Reflux from geniviv, and i couldn’t even get one with a decent annoint. How much time should a player spent to get a decent weapon? Sure, you only get a “god roll” once and you’re done, but farming in the current state of the game just makes me not wanna farm at all.

That goes hand in hand with the new mayhem 2.0 system. To play on mayhem 10 it is required to have really god weapons with good anointmens , which takes hours to farm and it’s not certain that the time pays off. Not getting decent weapons to slay with after spending hours reloading the game and killing one boss over and over is demotivating and i don’t feel like that should be the endgame for us.

You could argue that i don’t have to play on mayhem 10, which is true. But now i will get guarantied annoints while playing mayhem 10, which kinda forces me to play mayhem 10 plus the weapons scale higher too. so when i am forced to farm for a perfect weapon, i’ll be better of playing mayhem 10, cause otherwise i have to farm the same weapon twice. Farming means you wanna get the best weapon possible, so getting anything weaker is not a good feeling.

My Point is: the current farming is not fun, it only consumes time and doesn’t feel rewording enough.

Mayhem 10 should provide a difficult game mode, which it is. a challenge it should be for us. my idea is, that all weapons only scale till mayhem 6. when you go higher on mayhem Levels, you only increase your Chance for loot and annoints. But make Drops almost guaranteed ( for example, on a higher mayhem lvl you might get multpile Drops of the same weapons or you have a higher Chance of getting multiple Drops), so we are not forced to Play on a mayhem Level that doesn’t make fun to Play at. Mayhem 6 and 7 are fine and fun, almost every gun works and performs well.

Annointments in general are not in a got spot as they are at the moment. Gaining 300% increased weapon Damage when Action skill ends just forces all of us to farm for that specific annoint, otherwise nothing will die. Annoints should scale lower, so they are improving weapons but not make drops without the overpowered anoints worthless.

Vault hunters should be strong because they have well made skill trees, which they are in borderlands 3, and due to synergie and playstyle they destroy enemies, not because i activate +300% weapon Damage annointments on my gun. that leads towards a game where only the annoint on my gun matters, and if i have that weapon, my skills and playstyle become irrelevant.

Today i wanted to try a new build, but immidiatly i thought about: well, i have to farm gear with those specific annoints or it won’t work at all… and there goes the motivation to play because Hours and hours of farming would wait for me… i think i made my point clear.

Let’s look at a farm that is at least average in my eyes: the “Ion cannon”. It is guaranteed to drop, and on mayhem 10, it will always be anointed. is it a fast farm now? not at all. you want a specific annoint, maybe even times 2 on it, so even now you will farm maybe a couple hours to get lucky. Another decent farm are the dlc1 classmods. If you are lucky you will get multiple per run from “jackbot”. is it easy to get a decent classmod now? not at all, because +50% critical hit Damage, +28% weapon Damage, +35% assault rifle Damage is the roll i would look for at the moment ( O.P.Q), and to get that clasmod i will farm many hours again…

Borderlands 2 made it better, you were fine getting the weapon, and if you wanted the best one, you were looking for good parts. In Borderlands 3 however, we are Looking for: right element, good parts, and the perfect anoint on top of it. Good luck, it will take time. That is to much RNG in my eyes.

In General, making annoints guaranted on mayhem 10 is a step in the right direction. But we need more of those steps to make farming not as timewasting as it is at the moment.

Scaling down the annoints might be an option, if i get for example +20% Cold for next 2 magazines or +10% crit after Action skill ended or +25% increased weapon Damage, i can choose between annoints. At the Moment, if i see anything without Sentinel cryo on zane, i’m not even picking it up.

Another thing is, that i would appreciate more passive annoints. Do i really have to use my actionskill to procc almost every annoint? Why can i not just get a crit Bonus, an increased elemental Damage, for having a gun in my hand?

Example: i’m in a fight, using an smg, now spawns oneof my favorites, an annointed enemy. i’ll switch my weapon to something stronger, but oh i have to wait until my wepon deals Damage because i have to activate my annoint…

This is for Gearbox, my honest Feedback after spending hundrets of Hours in borderlands 3, and i love your game. Keep up the good work, i apriciate it =) And of course, i will keep playing it.

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If you don’t mind taking the power levels down a bit, I posted a topic about an hour ago that might help you cope with your issues while they fix things.