What is normal turnaround time for BAR restoration?

I unfortunately got hit by the Badass Rank reset bug on Christmas Eve. I opened a ticket and didn’t expect a response with it being the holidays, but I actually did get a response on the 26th. I replied on the 26th with my BAR amount and a list of SHiFT reward skins that I lost as well. Two days after that, I got confirmation that they received my info and they would be working on getting it restored. It’s now been seven days since the last communication I received from support and nothing has been restored yet. I’m trying to be patient, but I’m curious if this is a typical turnaround time for BAR restoration?

No idea, but you did contact them right between two major public holidays, and I’m sure quite a few staff had the whole week booked off (like many places elsewhere) - today was likely the first day back for the people who do this stuff.

Meanwhile, you can try loading each of your characters in turn, which should give you back most of your BAR points to re-assign. The heads and skins require action on the part of GBX though.

For sure, and I recognize that. I wouldn’t have thought anything of the delay had I not gotten a response on the 26th, though. That made me think that maybe they were working on it.

Doing this would overwrite any progress and new gear I’ve acquired since the last time I imported them, though, wouldn’t it? I’m hesitant to do anything that might further jeopardize my characters. But I do appreciate the help. Thanks!

That’s not what I meant. Simply start the game, select one of your saves, and hit “Continue”; once it’s finished loading up and you’ve spawned in, simply quit as normal. Hit the character select button, switch to the next save, rinse and repeat. There’s some code that was added into the game that’s supposed to check your BAR stats against your game progress for that character when you load it in, and add back in anything that seems to be missing.

Hmm, I have loaded a couple different characters since the reset bug hit me and it didn’t restore any of my BAR. For whatever reason, I’m listed at 0 BAR even though I can still see my challenge progression in the right column. So strange.

Anyway, appreciate the help!