What is Plasma Pulse Efficiency?

I see this on the stats screen and it’s really unclear exactly what it is. Does this mean how often I used Plasma Pulse to take down shields? If so, is this really a good thing to be tracking? So far as I can tell Plasma Pulse just does more damage than your pistol and Reyna has several helix options that encourage her to use her plasma pulse such as the homing helix and the infinite plasma pulse with failsafe helix. So should I really be “penalized” for using my plasma pulse to take out health instead of shields?

Or am I just completely misunderstanding what plasma pulse efficiency is?

You’re on the right track. I’ve noticed higher efficiency rating when using it to heal overshields as well as healing with her legendary. I wouldn’t worry about aiming for a high efficiency though. I don’t often use the healing legendary or bother to bolster overshields. I end up doing fairly well most games and barely crack 40% efficiency.

I’m usually at like 11% efficiency! I mean, I do well, I don’t really mind. I just find the stat to be confusing.

I’m usually in the 36-38% consistently. But I really go after shields, especially sheppard minion waves. That’s probably why I’m a little higher. I tend to strip shields and then let my team do their thing. I do use the homing pulse for attacking, which probably brings it down. There are a lot of confusing stats in this game though. I still have never got a clear explanation for the the Objectives number.

In Meltdown at least, I believe that’s how many times you stand near a minion when it sacrifices itself.