What is Really Fun About BL2 and what was fun in BLTPS?

Im getting quite bored and what keeps me moving is 2 things

  1. My love for the franchise
  2. The fact that i have not beat the game 100%

NOTE: I went through the game more than 5 times have 2 op8 characters and a few 72’s . My favorite characters are Salvador/ The Gunzerker and Maya/The Siren
I’m so hyped and wanna make more vids about what we could see in bl3 so there is plenty of vids i watch about borderlands however . I find myself killing bosses and farming for better op8 items but is there. Not to mention BL3 could be a sequel one day we will find it out. but im proud of gearbox for developing this game .
For Xbox Purposes : fazestrenuousp4 :wink:
Not to mention i’m still not finished with my first run of BLTPSstrong text
Just started UVHM on jack!
Edit: I changed the post title :slight_smile:

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I began an attempt at a “challenge playthrough” a year or two ago. In BL2, to the right of the BA Rank, there are challenges to complete as you complete the game (i’m not talking about Steam or XBox achievements). I wanted to try and hit true 100% game completion, but I kind of fell away from that playthrough. It was fun, challenging, and it truly made me realize just how many details and easter eggs they devs put into the game that I didn’t even appreciate until they were pointed out.

You can see a list of the challenges here if you aren’t around your computer or console at the moment.

Edit: I only noticed the challenges in BL2, but they’re in the Pre-Sequel and BL1 as well.

I have all the borderlands games i think they are phenomenal. However when you have no more streams or vids to upload and you cant do much . Its stuck to farming OP8 Bosses and loot. And i am even willing to do a full OP8 run with a character .

When you get bored with something, you need to revitalize it somehow. And the best way to do that, is to play it differently. Try out different builds, playstyles and equipment. Do a Completionist-run! Make up rules for what you can and can’t do!

Although many of the builds tend to look pretty similar, there are sometimes new ways to exploit them. If you’ve been sniping a lot, then try the same character up close and personal. Perhaps try a melee build on Axton or Sal. Sniping with Krieg or Gaige.

Have you tried all the items? I hear there’s 87 bazillion guns in this game! :smile: Limiting yourself to Top-Gear-only will make things old very fast. A scavenger run is a great way to spice things up, since you only use whatever you find.

And then there’s Co-op… :wink:

i know always more to do anybody that watches mixer my mixer account is fazestrenuousp4 and GT

But ima stop promoting myself

Take a break?

I mean, it’s not going to go away. Do something else that’s fun instead. Then come back and it’ll feel fresh.

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Im gonna see if i can get some ideas this weekend
Maybe alternate builds or just a loot video with me getting lots of loot or somethin . My yt is CGI_FrostFire . but ill find something like a bucket list

As others have said, challenge yourself for fun. That’s why all my runs are 1Life now, beating the game is (after 100+ times) “easy”, never ever dying while doing it is harder, since there are so many non-combat things to kill you, barrels, getting instadeath by being run over, being an idiot and falling off, picking up a stray DOT in UVHM, and so on.

And taking a break with another game is great too. I’ve tried that, like Fallout 4 and Horizon Zero Dawn. And you soon realize you’re completely spoiled by Borderlands, Fallout has way way way way too much talking!!! I don’t want to talk and craft, I wanna shoot and Horizon is an OK story, but soooooo slooooowww.
Which is why I go back to Pandora.

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Yeah, I’ve got burn out on BL a few times, but I always go back.

Either way the game is really fun to play so i’ll have to find something to do. Maybe playing zer0 for once since i never truly played my zer0.

Just cant wait for bl3

I have trouble finding players on xbx most people . Either deleted the game or dont wanna start a new one . If i get another wireless controller i could play with my cousin .