What is that weapon in Moze's splash art?

I want to know, in full details, what this gun is and what attachments it has. Ty.

It looks like a Sickle…but that one :point_up: has a red dot sight…

Details are here

it could just be a generic Vladof AR with minigun barrel and grenade launcher underbarrel, or dowsing rod xD

Blue rarity bezoomy with underbarrel grenade launcher.


Looks like a dowsing rod.

This one is green rarity and a different mag, but it’s the minigun barrel:

Don’t think it would be a Dowsing Rod since the art is from pre-launch.

It has the same mag and red dot that is described on the splash art?

It is a blue rarity Vladof Bezoomy with basic grenade attachment. I think I still have one in my bank – held on to it for irony’s sake.


Found it.



Don’t forget that most weapons can spawn with a variety of accessories, including a whole range of different sights/scopes, grips, etc. The Bezoomy would be no different.

What I really want to know is, how is Moze holding it aloft like that? She must have sinews of steel or something…

You’re a legend.

I know but the thing is, I never had the Vladof Bezoomey and I am level 23 right now.

She is obviously a genetically mutated Russian secretely deployed by Vladof.

Legendary packrat.

Since it’s not much of a spoiler I’ll mention something that you’ll likely run into in the near future.
Her full name is Moserah Hayussinian Yan-Lun al-Amir Andreyevna. Being assosiated with Vladof and her face too made me immediately think slavic too but she doesn’t have any kind of accent that I’d recognize and that name sounds a arabic to my ears.
Then again I don’t suppose Russia exists in BL universe :smiley:

Her name is a mish-mash of soundalikes — Moserah sounds Hebrew, Hassuyinian is sort of Armenian, al-Amir is sort of Arabic, Yan-Lun is sort of Chinese and Andreyevna is sort of Russian.

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