What is the absolute fastest way for an op8 to power level a character to 72?

Im op8 trying to level another character to 72(splitscreen) what is the fastest way?

The Bar Room Brawl Tier 3 at OP8 is the fastest legitimate way to power level another character to level 72, preferably using an OP8 Mecromancer who can Shamfleet. This can be repeated until the secondary character reaches level 72. As an added bonus, you will collect Torgue Tokens.

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thats what i was doing. mech is only op2 so i was doing it with my op8 gunzerker, with 2 norfleets and a sham. If i can one shot most bosses, are there any bosses that are a quicker farm?

What are the non legit methods (if you are allowed to tell me)

Asking for non legitimate means of attaining items, levels, or any gain for that matter, is strictly prohibited.

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