What is the actual damage on the Vaygr BC?

I can’t tell if it’s 17500 over the 3 hits, or 17500*3 so 52500.

Does it hit Destroyers for over half their hp, or under 1/3th?

The firepower value listed ingame should be it’s average damage per second, if all it’s guns were firing and perfectly accurate, and if armor-type damage multipliers were not a factor.

Uh well, what’s the value listed in game?

Plus I’d assume that is counting its lances and flechettes. So doesn’t answer, anyway.

Ah, you got the 17500 out of the weapon file? That’ll be 17500 three times.

Yes, but I see nothing about it shooting 3 times anywhere.

That’s because the number of times it fires is determined by weapon hardpoint it’s attached to. If you used that weapon file for an ion cannon frigate, it’d fire one shot, because the hardpoint has no ‘slave’ hardpoints. If you use it on the vaygr BC, it fires three times, because that hardpoint has two slave hardpoints.

Is that set in the HOD and not modifiable, then?

When trying to calculate DPS I’m getting so many weird things.

Like Taiidan HC has an Ion attached to hardpoints twice that’s listed as 10000*2 damage. So that’s 40k damage, with 12.75s cooldown.

Well, Hiig are 2 15k guns. So 30k damage every 15 seconds.

But when a Taiidan HC and Hiig BC fight, it seems like the Ions do far more damage and it’s the HCs cannons that do much more damage.
But the cannon DPS is only 1500 from what I can see.

It is set in the hod files, yeah. I think the hiig BC ions are each double barreled, so it’d be double the listed damage?

They do appear so, but bleh. I wish I could spawn both owned and enemy ships with console commands and test that way :confused:

I was under the impression that it took reload time into account and that the value is actually the average DPS for that ship at any given time during combat?

It can’t be right, since the DPS amount it shows on ion frigates is about 30% higher than it really is.

Isn’t that what I said?

Couldn’t tell if you meant average DPS with reloading included or average DPS if all guns were constantly firing without having to reload.

yeah, reloading included. I just meant it assumes it’s in a situation where all guns are able to fire at something, which isn’t always true.

Ahh okay.
I wonder if the DPS value, the game tells us, also includes the antistrikecraft lance/pulsar weapons on the Vagyr and Hiigaran battlecruisers?

As far as I know it doesn’t exclude any weapons from the calculation.

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I don’t see where you said the number displays higher than it really is.

Ion frigate only have a single gun and its DPS is easy to calculate. The number shown in game is simply wrong. You never said it was that number * 0.75 or whatever, which I don’t think is right anyway.

It’d be the first I’d heard of it. Perhaps you could walk me through each step of your calculation and I could double check it for you?

Ion frigates do 2354 damage every 7 seconds. That’s 336 DPS. It says over 400 in game.

I saw in your mod that ion beams did double damage on every 3rd shot, is that something in the vanilla game? Wouldn’t that account for the 400 dps?