What is the badass pass?

Has there been any word on a/the badass pass?

When you go to the marketplace and go the boosters on the bottom section where it says owned boosters it shows the xp booster, loot booster and another section which looks like a ticket with a crown on it with the words “badass pass” to the side.

Sorry I don’t have a screenshot for reference. I’m on Xbox and use the forums on my phone haha sigh

It’s the VIP Pass mentioned in one of the Gearbox streams on Twitch. Gives you full access to all skins and taunts (even the Marketplace ones) for the duration of the pass. Currently disabled until they can work some kinks out.

I dunno how I feel about that. It’s kinda weird for what it is. Are we sure BB isn’t going f2p? Not like it needs to but the features that they are continuing to add just make it seem more and more like it’s only a matter of time.

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If their smart theyll go f2p and just take care of those of us who paid for it.


Safe to say if/when it does, we will be well taken care of. No doubt there.

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…Randy already said there are plans to make a Free to Pay version.
Play for free, then Pay if you enjoy it.

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Back on topic please, if F2P needs discussion just open a topic in that regard.