What is the best Amara Build?

I have heard that Amara is a vary great character, but i dont really know to much abou her. If i can find a good Amara build, I might give the charater the time to level and Amara.

Just throw a driver mod and elemental projector on her, spec your skills however with any weapon while you fakecast and you’ll have “God Slayer (insert anime reference) renegade Amara” the best most insane build evers!!!
I’m getting tired of those being called builds but enjoy the game on easy mode

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Really tired of this constant dissing about Amara and her players. Not everyone is a super expert of this game, if you don’t know anything about Amara, unless you copy a youtuber savegame and /or uses exploits, don’t expect to faceroll everything without gearing and learning.

Still she is a powerful character, most of her builds revolve around dealing a lot of elemental damage (her red tree is very solid), you can top it with more damage utility (blue tree) or survability option (green tree provides life, damage reduction, and instant second wind= guardian angel).
Everyone talk about the driver com but phaserker com is still very solid and a lot more easy to get, simple traditional build is having phasecast/phaseslam annointed weapons (huge dmg bonus 250 or 300% after corresponding action skill) and the phaserker com for increased cooldown and damage.
Also there are melee builds (more difficult to do and use) but I know next to nothing about them, never managed to make a proper one myself.


For me her melee build is the best and most fun. You can get all you need at lvl 4-5 (Buttplug pistol and Golden Touch shield) if you want start the story with this build.
Sheriff build is my second favorite, but you need specific gear for that and it’s more like max lvl build instead of progression one.
Spiritual Driver build is very powerful but boring most of the time and as Sheriff it’s endgame only.

For leveling I recommend melee or elemental build.


Right now she’s swinging in three primary directions: OP Damage, Action Skill Spam, and Balance.

Spiritual Driver COM is the OP Damage one, you can still make it to about 400% damage down from the 520% thanks to them nerfing Mindfulness down from its original values rather than reduce how much damage the COM takes from the speed bonus. There are only a few weapons it works really well with though since you’re tearing around at lightning speed and aiming for crits even while airborne at that speed is tough.

Action Skill Spam comes from the new Golden Rule COM from the Handsome Jackpot DLC, you take damage, it speeds up her Action Skill cooldown. Self-damage and DoTs apply so you can get it low enough to barely be finished using the Action Skill in question before its cooled down fully again.

Balance is what used to be the top of the line, the Phasezerker, since it adds both damage and cooldown, though its been drastically reduced in terms of both during a stealth nerf they did on it, likely to encourage use of the Driver and Golden Rule COMs instead. Its still the best alternative compared to her other Legendary COMs though.

For leveling though you can pretty much choose any which way you want to use her. Green tree holds up well for survivability, even if you don’t go full melee build for her, and the red tree maxes out her elemental damage potential which is useful whether you go melee or full gunplay with her. Blue tree works to extend the usefulness of her Action Skills and works as a good balance to both other trees, makes me wonder how they might throw that off when they come up with her fourth skill tree supposedly.

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Yesterday I created an Amara melee build which combines Ties That Bind with Wildfire and the Unleash the Dragon relic. It turned out to be so powerful I got me through Slaughterstar 3000 on Mayhem 3 on my first try. I could punch one guy and dispatch entire mobs as a result. Couple that with a deep health pool, strong healing and plenty of damage reduction and she was pretty tanky too. I’m now considering a TVHM run on M4 to see how it goes.

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As we know now, there was never a “stealth nerf” to the Phasezerker. It was just a correction on the card, which still seems to be not entirely correct. People tested it and it still provides 3% Weapon Damage and 3% Cooldown Reduction per stack, as it did before the community-perceived “stealth nerf”.

Melee builds are a lot of fun with Amara. I just got the anointed siren Brawler Ward with 300% melee on shield drop and the extra 200% melee damage after phaseslam. Planning on combining it with my anointed siren deep dive facepuncher with the 300% weapon increase after phaseslam. I’m using a white elephant relic (cant recall which one at the moment). The sticky bombs pair really well with the anointed facepuncher, but I plan on getting a knife drain white elephant to round the build off. That way I’ll regen health with every facepuncher shot. Also using the Rope-o-Dope class mod that doubles the find your center skill and provides damage reduction the closer you are to an enemy. Skill trees are built out for melee damage and health. Its been a solid build without the shield that I just got. Looking forward to seeing how the new brawler ward improves things…

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Instead of White Elephant try Elemental Stone+Static Charge, it will add extra melee dmg to your Face Puncher and turn it into Brainstormer.


Good to know. I’ll try that out. Thanks!

I had given up but it’s real.:heart_eyes:

Ha! I traded for it yesterday on here. Got tired of smacking Graveward around. I put in a lot of hours before deciding to trade for it thou…

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So it could possibly be a modded item like a cutsman with an extra 20% status effect damage barrel or a lucky seven with splash damage on ase.
That’s what I run into when I dive down the rabbit hole of YouTube builds.

I didn’t think you could mod stuff on the Xbox. Figured they could on PC but not console…

In my experience (meaning people I have played with and not based on Youtube) with Xbox (not PC), the strongest Amara build was that one where she was spamming Recursion a lot. She’s able to take out mobs in a blink of an eye. She took out Wotan on M4 really quick.

On one of the Proving Grounds, I decided to kill an enemy as soon as it starts spawning, so there won’t be mobs where her Recursion would bounce off. It was funny because she wasn’t able to do much.

THIS!^ Can’t remember the last time an Amara used her Phasegrasp to actually grasp someone…


++ this build is so op i play mayhem 4 and i don’t even have to try makes the game bit boring though might try melee later

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