What is the best Assault Rifle for Amara? Single target and AOE?

Trying to build a assault rifle Amara and I think I got the aoe part down, but I always find my self going back to cutsman when it comes to killing Wotan. Curious to what everyone is using AR wise maybe I’m missing something. TY!

Never really liked any I tried different ones but they pale compared to smg and shotgun. For situational usage I like the atlas purple

In my opinion the Carrier is the best AR for Amara. But against Wotan, I also go for Cutsman and Recursion because they’re just so superior there.


I’ll go mobbing with Phasezerker Amara with a Lucians Call and Electric Banjo on occasion. Phasegrasp basically guarantees crits for ricochets, but honestly the Brainstormer feels way more effective.

For limited targets or bosses I’ve only been able to do actual damage with the “automatic” Jakobs. Gatling I think.

I’ve tried to not use the Cutsman crutch on Wotan but it drags the battle out tenfold!

Hornet is OK for corrosive, Nemesis too. I struggled mightily finding an electric that could strip the shields. I though the anointed Shocking AAA would do damage but I was way off on that.

I’ve got a shock sleeping giant with +250% after phasecast – which does a lot of damage – but it’s still eclipsed by an unanointed shock Cutsman

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Yeah, the Cutsman is a beehawk without needing the bee. I kinda hate it but it’s saved my ass countless times.


I thought it was just me doing something wrong but I guess assault rifles needs a little work compare to smg and shottys. Only mobbing AR is really just lucians and rowans unless I’m missing anything.

If you’re missing something then I am too. I really really like the automatic Jakobs. Relatively fast RoF and it hits hard and ricochets on crits but a mob will overwhelm you before you need to reload.

Needs to be a AR that chains like the redistributor and brainstormer before I’ll consider taking one to the Takedown.

My favorite is definitely the Bekah. I use it when playing with a Sheriff build, or anything else that picks up infusion. At close range, the Bekah isn’t bad, but if you’re far enough away to get the projectiles to split, it shreds. It fills a nice niche between a Maggie (close range) and a Monocle (long range or phasegrasped at any range.)

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Gatling Gun, Bekah and don’t forget the Alchemist. Rowan’s Call is pretty good as well.


If we are talking ARs without taking in to account anointments on gear Q-System is great because of all Amar’s ASE skills in Mythical Assult. It dose amazing with Tise that Baind because the guns raw damage. Carrier is also good for similar reasons but it’s not great If your using something like Stillness of the mind.

Star Helix is great if your using her Fist or the Elements tree. Two of the 3 elements it comes in are Cryo and Radiation which pair well with Forceful Expression.
The Oger is also a passable. The large amount of Accuracy and handling make it very user friendly and much easier to land crits.

If you want ARs, you should be looking at Dahl and Vladof. For Dahl, the Star Helix, Breath of the Dying and Good Juju are pretty exceptional for both single targets and mobs, and the Kaos makes mobbing a breeze.

Vladof you have the Lucien’s Call for mobbing but the Dictator just wins hands down,3 shots per one ammo or 6 shots per two with Amara boosting elemental damage is all pure DPS, the only inhibitors are proper range and using the bipod mode for the 6 shots slows you down. The Shredifier and Faisor are more for mobbing than bossing but they hold up well.

Are you sure that you would recommend the Ogre? Compared to BL2 it is just so much worse than the original gun. One of my favourite ARs suffered the same fate: the Sawbar. Both of them feel so underwhelming in BL3. Oh ye and how could I forget the Dictator. That gun is nuts on every character X)

Second, third, or whatever the Carrier for Amara. Fantastic AR and huge synergies with her on ASE anointments and Indiscriminate.

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I really like the Star Helix on Amara.