What is the best gear for my level 50 axton?

I was wondering what is the best gear for me to use as a level 50 axton. Are Antagonist and a hefty avenger good? My relic currently is a vitality relic that gives 41.6% extra health. So what relic and class mod do you recommend? My grenade mod is a magic missile x2. I am trying to get magic missile X4 at or around level 50. But what grenade mod works best? http://bl2skills.com/commando.html#52000000005305515010105050110000 this is my current build

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First up, are you staying at level 50 or are you going to climb up through UVHM to level 72? If the former, you have a lot more choices available, especially since you won’t be out-levelling any gear you farm.

Second up, how do you want to play Axton? Note that you can use this site to fill in your current build details, then copy and paste the link into a post here so folks can see what you currently have.

You’ll find good information in these posts:

I’m sure you’ll get lots of tips and suggestions pretty shortly too

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I do plan on reaching level 72. I’m playing him mostly as damage dealing with a decent amount of shield and health. As of right now my shield with all of my shield capacity bonuses is at 27,548 and my health is at 70,753. Currently equipped weapons are: bad touch swordslopion (lvl 47), consummate plasma caster (maliwan corrosion lvl 50) swift blaster (incendiary lvl 43) patriot’s stinger (electric lvl 35). Thanks for help so far

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You’ll be fine with the x2 magic missile - the x4 is nice if you have it, but given the way the homing works it can also be more of a liability!

An Antagonist shield is nice on Axton, especially if you don’t go for Double Up, but you’d need to keep re-farming for one every 5 levels or so. You’re better off (and this applies to all gear really) just using whatever the best option available to hand is. Note that the Top Gear guide really assumes that you’ve already got to level 72 at least. A Bee shield is nice (although you need to pay attention to the damage/capacity trade-off), as is any spike or adaptive shield. Even a level 50 legendary Soldier will get you through UVHM, but don’t be afraid to pick up and try some of the others as you go. The other thing I’d look out for is nice Tediore weapons, since Axton can make good use of the reload tosses.

One thing you might want to think about is whether you want to work to Double Up (Guerilla tree) or Gemini (twin turrets). The first gives you slag on your turret, the second gives you two turrets! There was quite a bit of discussion about the second option recently. Either way, I’d recommend you throw enough points in Willing to get Scorched Earth. And remember that you can always respec should you choose one path but then change your mind.

So basically, look at what you find, test fire weapons (and look up their gimmicks for any red-text items), and see how relics and COMs fit with your build as you find them. Some of the e-tech relics are worth switching between depending on which mission/map you’re running, since you can get boosts to different elemental damages, or improved capacity and damage from specific types of weapons.

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Edit: missed your build link, it looks good to me. I’d recommend willing and able as the next skills.

My favorite level 50 build(with a couple point tweaks if you have a legendary soldier)

I personally would start building down to battlefront and steady. Any decent torgue gun and explosive relics come highly recommend from me.

Many people like Gemini starting UVHM, but i prefer the slag turret. I tend to farm a lot as I’m leveling in UVHM. Fastballs and Harolds mainly. Grab the grog asap if you want a good slag gun. I also keep a bee near level for farming the snowman.


http://bl2skills.com/commando.html#55055140015305515010105050140000 this is what I want my skills to look like when I get to level 72



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