What is the best possible Ghast Call you can get?

I have a vindicating one. Is that the best i can get?

That is the best one, its a cloning and roided version combined. I have been desperately farming for one for a week or more. Can u please tell me where you got yours and were you playing solo?

Interested in that myself. Been farming since the event started and haven’t seen a single Ghast Call.

I have two normal plain-jane ones, got them both from loot ghosts.

captain haunt and solo yes

Guys don’t believe the hype. The best ghast call is the roided version unless you want a grenade just for using against bosses then the cloning one is better and the vindicator is even better than the cloning in this regard.

Let me explain. Against more than one enemy which is most of the game more often than not I group of ghosts attack your target enemy and the other group of ghosts normally chase after another enemy. The cloning and vindicator ghosts rarely focus onto a single target. Killing neither.

The roided one. All the ghosts focus the one target enemy you throw towards.

The roided one has almost 3500 damage. The cloning one has 2000 and vindicator has 2300.

Let me give you an example. Your on mayhem 3 and up against a triple bar bad ass which is most of them. Especially slaughtershaft. You take down the shield and then throw the cloning or vindicator at the enemy. Most of the time the one grenade will not be enough to strip the armour. But the roided reliably takes down the armour of the target everytime.

There you go. Don’t believe the hype!

The roided version is rarer than the cloning in terms of drop rates from my and my friends experience. Of course the vindicator is more rare but not necessarily better.

i’ve had 2 drop, but its the simple ones. no anointed. both dropped from Captain Haunt. Surprisingly, its the only ones from the spooky theme that have dropped for me. no shield or weapon.

i still shoot the others like mad, but keep getting repeat drops