What is the best regen grenade method?

The tracker never misses. The mirvs track too.
So (2 x 3 +2)x 3 ( providing there are enough targets that survive/available) = 24.

Also this does not include multiple targets hit as all are aoe. I assume 1 extra hit.

If they dont go within approximately 25-30 feet of an enemy (lets call that a range of about 1000-1300 based on splash damage range) they will not track the enemy at all completely “missing” unless they hit a wall and 1 bounces towards the target, in that case theres barely if any finding the target.
The splash damage range on these trackers is also small ex.

Very lucky if 2 enemies are actually that close to eachother

Should be ((2 x 3) x3) +2 = 20 as the original 2 do explode, dont bounce 3 times, but disappear splitting into 3 and bouncing.
Thats without knowing the original mirving counts as a bounce (bounces and explodes up to 3 times)
Which could make the equasion more like
2 + ((2×3) 2)
1___ 2__ 3

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Flakker, if it wasn’t so sketchy to use.

Mirv and multi mirv have been the most reliable for me, but for guns, a x2 projectile ogre. Just aim at targets feet instead to make sure they’re actually taking splash dmg.

The last time I used a Hex grenade on Moze it still worked to proc MoD. That was 27 days ago looking at my post in another thread. The key is that the beam was changed so that it doesn’t count as splash, but from what I could tell the grenades themselves running into something (before or after the beam starts) do. Or at least did if that wasn’t changed since then.

Um no.
1 +3x3=12 now clone that x 2 = 24

A range of 100 is 5 ft before modifiers. Throw them from 1000 feet plus and wait for them to track. If they fail to acquire a target within range x feet then they fail.

I shall wait for a community response to it instead of further derailing op’s topic. If you want to continue this or maybe check results feel free to take this to there


Thanks for the link proving my point.!

Two shot ogre.

Minigun fire rate with two booms per shot.

Regenerates grenades at roughly the speed you can fire them.

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If your point was you don’t know math then yes, that proved your point, mac2monster.

Has anyone used Tiggs’ Boom yet for this? It seems like it could be really, really good with groups.

Flakker with manual reloading or IB’s grenade launchers. Both regen nades super, super fast with MoD and a little luck. Cloning Ghast call aint bad either since it still triggers MoD.

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since i started running fearmongers in m3/m4 i’ve had zero nade regen issues. my nades are almost always full. but thats also likely because my guns are actually doing damage compared to a lot of the weapons i used to run for my grenadier build.

How many of you people failed math?

1 grenade * 3 mirvs + 2 bounces or simply x 3
1 + 3= 4
1+ 3= 4
Now x2 for cloning.

Because mac2monster is determined to continue.

Throw grenade. Grenade splits, two grenades hit. 2 hits
Two grenades break into 3 MIRVs each, 6 in total. 6 MIRVs hit a first time. 8 hits
6 MIRVS hit a second time. 14hits
6 MIRVS hit a third time and are destroyed. - 20 hits total


Welcome to probabily. You need 37 trials to have a 90% chance to see at least one 6% proc. 74 for a 99% chance.

You forgot to add the bounces. The original two split and bounce 3 times. Each successful bounce creates 3 mirvs, the mirvs do not bounce. You forgot to add the four bounces after the initial hit. And thought the mirvs bounce.
Seeing how you want to continue this.

The original grenade explodes into the mirv (1 into 3) and disappears from the equation alltogether, so there is not 4 to bounce. They only mirv the first time. If you ever actually ise the grenade, pay attention to it; you will see where you’ve gone wrong

Have you ever even thrown one?

And modifiers only effect the original grenade. Unless written.

So my way this hits mirvs and then the mirvs mirv and then the original bounces and mirvs and then the mirvs mirv. Which is what happens in game.

Your way the hit mirvs (which now bounce according to you) and every mirv mirvs into 3 mirvs ( that now bounce) and then because mirvs mirv … The loop is infinite your way.

All the time, literally 20 minimum a day depending which toon i play.
Beyond this, your either trolling for attention or not paying attention, so i will no longer respond to you - good luck out there

Ok…for clarification. We were originally discussing

And to add… you said it hit 24 times, that mod youve shown may explode 24 times, but thats not going to hit an enemy 24 times unless its in an extremely small cubicle, which so far does not exist within this game

Follow the descriptors and all apply to the original grenade. Otherwise it would have said mirv grenades bounce 3 times.

This would be infinite

And here is the same descriptor on non mirv worded exactly the same way

If it effects the main grenade here , it effects it effects the main nade on all mods. Like in the post someone posted.

This nade would end in a infinite loop