What is the best regen grenade method?

The bouncy trait effects only the final nade(s). As theres 1 originally in a single nade (non mirving) its considdered the final nade

Two Rain modifiers makes four child grenades, not six, for example

The guys says it in the first paragraph, it’s copied from it. ALL mods affect the main nade.

From the mirv part of his post

  • MIRV: grenades pop into three. Unlike Rain, they pop wide and don’t jump up at all.

As what someone says can also have misinformation based on expectation vs experience. In this case in particular, experience dictates differently. Ive tested almost any combination i find, only to see which are more useful. As this is a different post entirely i reccomend taking this to that post specifically so that original poster can see and maybe update as it goes - which i havnt seen being done, nor expect it as its some random on the internet; doesnt hurt me any

I emailed the guy and asked him to look.

Different modifiers appear to have hierarchies for if they will/won’t affect the first grenade. Multiple modifiers of the same type are additive, and do not cancel each other out. Some modifiers of different types appear to cancel others out. Or there is an unwritten rule that modifiers are applied in order or certain ones apply after a previous is triggered, and do not all apply at start.

For the cloning maddening tracker. Homing is applied when thrown. Divider is then triggers after a second or so. MIRV is triggers on impact, then bouncy is applied to the MIRV grenades.

Just get a bouncy MIRV Atlas. The first grenade explodes and you get 3 MIRV. You don’t get 1 grenade plus 3 MIRV bouncing.

A tooltip not giving every piece of information about how an item works doesn’t mean it has to work the way you read it.

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A bouncy mirv atlas (if you titled it right) splits into 3 when thrown. Check out the mirv hunter seeker.

That’s my go too. Procs MoD, can crit Sweepers and rarely have to reload.

P.s. y’all some sillys.

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You might like a Skeksil too , it’s more of a spray and pray weapon because of all graphics make aiming a lil hard, but a fire Skeksil is nasty in mozes hands. It’s direct fire and aoe with decent projectile speed. Lots of explosions.

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It hits 20 times.

First it clones and each explode. 2
Then it MIRV into 3 each. 6
Then each one will bounce 3 times. However the first explosions is counted before bouncing. So 12, not 18.

2+6+12 = 20. This is very easy to test. You can also test on Kevin as it will bounce more visibly due to a bug that doesn’t cause an explosion.

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I thought so too… did some tests through that and other means with more than 1 chosen target. Call it crazy but there may be something else going on too. Sometimes they do 20, floor bounces and lost grenades can cut it down, sometimes you can get 26 (backed up with vampyr), which would mean that it truly bounces 3 times after mirving, exploding 4 times each (backed up by singling out 1 grenade from a short distance away after initial mirv vs ground) - after the initial mirv. (Went in depth a little more [Here] (Grenade features in BL3) )

Ruby’s is hilarious when you get lucky enough that the singularity picks them up and the rockets go under them. I’ve catapulted anointed hundreds of feet into the air and off maps. Not great for loot, but wonderful to watch, considering how horribly designed those mobs are. It feels like vengeance to do it.

Edit: oh yeah, on topic: residtribution and x2 ogre seem to work for me. While mobbing, I’ll use a mind sweeper. I will spam nades while firing a Maggie until low, swap over to the ogre and just nail crits for 15 seconds or so to refill. It also continues to heal you because the micro grenades proc vampyr.

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If so, how do the original 2 keep tracking after they kill a target?

This is a constant occurrence just test on regular mode. They kill a target, mirv and hunt for another closer target.

I never said they don’t track other targets. I don’t know where you got that.

I think I got one that is bugged, it doesn’t mirv on low hp targets, 2 grenades just fly target to target. Then if put another I found on and I throw it at the ground and it mirvs then bounces. The bugged one doesn’t mirv at all, it just bounces. I didn’t notice that on high hp mobs as I was throwing a ton out at a time. So when it hit and killed a target it just tracked like a regular tracker that bounces.

am i playing the same game ? MoD proc so much less than expect , tried everything 2x ogre trev etc etc , nothing truly reliable to regen . by far best method i started using is shoot myself with bbb equiped .

1 more question , what gun is effective on m4 moze? literally gun build doesn’t work for me . mind sweeper does almost nothing When the ai decide to keep moving and some enemy is hard to crit (Wardogs) . i legit want to stop tediore chucks or switch to super busted amara but nothing works on m4 .

Weapon depends on preferred playstyle. I tend to use Carrier a lot, also Peacemonger. They don’t have strong synergy with explosive Moze but they can get reliable results. Tediore legendaries but you said you want to avoid chucking those. I used to solely use Hive and grenades on M3, but it didn’t seem to transition well enough to M4. That isn’t to say it’s bad, just not good enough. If you can get a hang for it Bearcat can have good results. Scourge can do good damage if given enough space. Burning Chomper great short range fire damage… I’ve had good results from using Flakk, not as good since the nerf but still hits like a truck in the right conditions.
Make sure to not ignore the other gear. Bloodletter + Deathless or Front Loader +Grave + Bloodletter are great combined with Vampyr and Desperate Measures (Thin Red Line is a must in the case of the second combo, to push HP down to 1).

Com wise, BM, MS,and BL are balanced to eachother…
Blastmaster has 100% splash after a minute of not reloading, mind sweeper tends to drop grenades off of grenades based near or on the crit, while bloodletter takes full advantage of + boosts desperate measures, if either are teamed up with the kill skills in SoR tree they all equal about the same, 2 work better with different weapons though bloodletter works with either equally

can i have a video of ur bloodletter build running thru anvil on m4?ty

show me the build please , record a video running thru anvil . ty